Welcome to OTficrecs, a fic rec blog dedicated to finding and recommending the best EXO fanfiction. Despite our very fangirl-ish comments. We know that the kpop fandom has brilliant writers and the exo fandom has some of the best. This tumblr is dedicated to records and recommendations for good. A collection of EXO fanfiction that I’ve read and enjoyed. This blog is purely for archive purposes. | Sorry, but I do not reply to messages as I’m.

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Give Me All Your Poison.

In For The Kill. Is the fic from Asianfanfics, Livejournal or Archiveofourown? All of the fanfics that we post here are fanfics that both or one of us have read. We know that the kpop fandom has brilliant writers and the exo fandom fice some of the best.

exo fanfic on Tumblr

Flcs tumblr is dedicated to records and recommendations for good reads and reviews of all sxo of Exo fics. Please enjoy the fics you find here. Jongin and Kyungsoo end up on a tropical island due to the meddling behaviour of their family and friends. AU kaisoo kai kyungsoo oneshot aff. Kyungsoo starts to work in the Blooming Daisies and falls for the beauty of the orchards, the perfume of the afternoon teas and the melancholy of the seven siblings who live there.


Angst, mystery, romance and fictional memoir Pairings: Exo – exp Length: Most of the people his age had already given up their mermaid dreams, but Chanyeol had always been different. He had been claimed and branded by the ocean when he was barely a child, and had known since then that all the sailor tales were real.

Fanfic Records & Recommendations

He survived the storm, and he grew stronger, and he knew the chance would come sooner or later to capture his own mermaid and make it cry fucs pearly tears for him. Little did he know that his chance would present itself in the shape of a silver haired boy, with eyes as black as the starless sky and the spirit of the tempest in his heart.

Joonmyun falls in love with the new nanny. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Baekhyun makes being in love easy. Romance, fluff Pairing s: Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai, Kyungsoo Length: There are a lot of things Jongdae wants out of life.

Luhan, Jongdae, Suho, Kris, D. Chanyeol has never heard someone say puppy like the asshole violinist next door does. R horror kaisoo kai kyungsoo oneshot lj fave.


Chanyeol finds it hard to keep track of something as infinite as time when he only has a finite amount of texts and angel feathers flcs hold on to.

BaekYeol, KaiSoo Character s: Running away from your problems with someone else is better than doing it alone. AU, angst, romance Pairing s: Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai Length: Kyungsoo ficcs the runt of the pack, beaten and dragged down his entire life and finding a mate is his only escape. Baekhyun knew his pack was in trouble when they found the bleeding tree.

Can you guys recommend some of the best exo fanfics?

Kris travels to future just to find out that he is married to his enemy,Suho and even have 9 kids together and 10th is coming soon. Kris, Suho, Exo Length: Kyungsoo falls sick and loses his fivs one day at work so Baekhyun and Luhan play a practical joke on him that ends with more benefits than consequences.

Kai, Kyungsoo, Luhan, Baekhyun Length: