Exposing Shaytan (Satan) has 5 ratings and 1 review. This booklet will Insha’ Allah (God Willing), comprehensively answer these baffling questions and di. It is due to the seriousness of Shaytan’s fitnah (temptation, tribulation, trial) that Allah has distinctly exposed his goals and plots in the Qur’aan. Read online and Download for free Exposing Shaytan, Free Download Exposing Shaytan word and Download pdf you search about books which are.

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Exposing Shaytan

Adhering to the Straight Path Seeking Refuge with Allah Keeping busy with Dhikr Adhering to the main body of the Muslims i. Knowing the tricks of Shaytna and the means of defeating him Repentance and seeking Allah’s forgiveness So, what are the deceptions, tricks and strategies ofShaytan? How does Shaytan enter the human soul and exosing ittowards sin and transgression?

Does Shaytan posses the power to force us intocommitting sins? To what extent will Shaytan succeed inachieving his goal? Can we defeat Shaytan? A number of original Arabic works were referred to in thecompilation of this booklet, most importantly; Shaytan: I hope this booklet will serve as a handy weapon incombating Shaytan and all exposinf lies with Allah.

Aziz – 02. Jinn are a creation of Allah, and are subject toHis Commands and Prohibitions and like humans they will be heldaccountable for their deeds on the Day of Judgment. In the beginning, Iblees used to worship Allah alongsideAngels. In His Glorious Book, Allah, the Exalted, has informed us -the children of Adam, about the enmity between Shaytan andmankind that has continued since the day Adam uwas created. After having breathed soul into Adam, Allah commandedthe Angels to prostrate before Adam as a sign of honor.

AlthoughIblees was not an angel, he was included in the command toprostrate because he was striving to imitate the Angels in theirbehavior shagtan deeds. However, Iblees thought too highly of himselfand was arrogant. He wasamong the residents of the earth and was one of the most activeworshipers and knowledgeable persons amidst the Angels.

This factcaused him to be arrogant Thereupon, Iblees avowed to lead mankind astray and, eversince, he seeks to take each one of us into Hellfire with him. He isthus, mankind’s greatest enemy.

Imam Ibnill-Qayyim brings together some of the great wisdombehind the creation of Shaytan in his book, Shifaa al-Ghaleel, p.

Exposing Shaytan

The fathers of both humankind and jinn were tested. He expozing made to face humiliation and disgrace andexpelled from Paradise and doomed to be amongst the people of Hell. He thus, became a lesson for those who show arrogance and persistin their sins. Conversely, the other father, Adam u became anexample for those who repent and return back to Allah after havingcommitted sins. It if were not for the ugly, we would not appreciate thevirtue of beauty; if it were not for poverty, we would not value wealth.

This necessitates that He should create thosewho will anger Him.

He answers their prayersand removes harm from them. He treats them with kindness andcare, unlike the manner in which they treat him. My goodness comes down to you, and your evil deeds ascend toMe. I try to win your love by sending you blessings when I have noneed of you and how you try to earn My hatred by disobeying Me,while you are in great need of Me, and the noble angels arecontinuously bringing your evil actions to Me.


Havinglost all hope to get it backhe lies down in the shade and isdisappointed about his camel and then he finds that camel standingbefore him. He showeddissatisfaction with His Wisdom and belittled Adam u. A proud person considers himself self-sufficient and in noneed of Allah, the Exalted. None possesses the hsaytan tomaintain his life even for a moment!

So how can any man or anycreation take pride in anything? But when Allah sent Muhammad r and theysaw that he was not one of them, they rejected him and envied the Arabs, even thoughthey knew that he was the Messenger of Allah. So let the curse ofAllah be on the disbelievers. He was ordered with prostration and he prostrated – so for him is Paradise.

I was ordered with prostration and I refused – so for me is the Fire. Discussing the wisdom why Iblees will remain – Those who fight against Shaytan will achieve salvation and those who go along sshaytan him will share his fate.

So Shaytan should remain alive in order to fulfill the aim for which he was created. B Allah is All-Just and He compensates every good deed. In case of the believer, He rewards him in this world and the Hereafter, while the disbelievers are allotted their rewards in this world without any recompense waiting for them in the Hereafter.

As exposung the disbeliever, shaygan will be given dxposing in this life for his good action, and on the Day of Resurrection, he will not have any good deed. Moreover, he is the leader and origin of evil and disbelief. He should thus be punished accordingly for all the evils shayfan follow his foremost transgression. So, Iblees was given respite in order to increase in sin. Respite until the Day of Resurrection is not an honor for him.

In his case, death would have been better; it dxposing reduce his evil and punishment. He left those people shayatn be misguided by Iblees, so he may lie in wait for them and every time one of them passes by, he does what he likes with them.

Iblees deserved to be led astray because of what his hands earnedfor him. He took pride in himself and was not considerate of the factthat Allah is the One, Who created him and taught him everythinghe knew.

So, Allah left him alone with his pride and ehaytan wasmisguided as a result. The initiation was thus, from Shaytan i. Allah has given Shaytan the ability to flow in thebody of man in a way which we do not understand.

Shaytan, however, does not directlyapproach humans and ask them to abandon theirreligion. No sane person would willingly disobeyAllah while choosing to follow Shaytan instead andshare his dreadful fate! Shaytan has his own ways ofdistracting mankind from the religion of Allah anddeceiving them intocommitting evil sshaytan. What follows is a brieflook into the tricksand plots ofShaytan.

He sensed that this was an ideal way totake revenge on Adam. He hates mankind, who are the children of Adam u.

He ishostile towards them because he is cursed and has been banishedfrom the Mercy of Allah due to his refusal to prostrate to their father,Adam. He hopes to take everyone with him toHell, out of envy, hatred, Kufr and stubbornness.

He only inviteshis Hizb followers that they may become the dwellers of the blazingFire. Then I willcome to them from before them and behind them, from their rightand from their left, and You will not find most of them as thankfulones i. And he had no authority over them, exceptthat We might test him who believes in the Hereafter, from him whois in doubt about it.


He Shaytan – 18. His power is only over those who obey and follow him Shaytanand those who join partners with Him Allah. He has no powerover them to force them into doing what he wants. People whorespond to his call do so because it suits their whims and desires. Soblame is attached only to those who respond to him.

I did not push him to transgression, in disbelief,oppression, and evil deedsbut he was himself in error far astray. The Sentence that comes from Me cannot bechanged, and I am not unjust to the slaves. If he judges unfairly, then Heforsakes him and lets the Shaytan bewith him.

If a person is strong in his faith and observes the limits of Allah, hecan defeat Shaytan. To achieve his goal of dragging mankind with him into Hell, Shaytanfirst lures mankind into committing Shirk and Kufr throughinvoking the dead, practicing magic, etc. Anyone who dies upon Shirkwill not be forgiven, nor will he zhaytan be taken out of Hell-fire. So, if Shaytan overwhelms the son of Adam by causing himto commit Shirk, then he is satisfied and pleased. He causes people to follow bidah innovations in the religion like innovative celebrations such asMawlid, celebrating the night of Isra wal-Miraj, celebrating 15thShabaan, etc.

But he, who practices Bidah, deems his action to be a form ofworship to Allah and thus, never even thinks of repentance! Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life whilethey thought that they were acquiring good by their deeds! Sbaytan Shaytan fails at causing people to follow innovations, hewill move on to calling them to major sins eposing abandoning prayers -particularly, if the person is a respected personality, because hugenumber of people will follow his example. If the believer keeps steadfast, Exposong is still notdiscouraged, he calls them to minor sins.

Similarly, minor sins if allowed to accumulate,might destroy the sinner.

Verily, the person whocommits these minor sins will be seized by these sins and bedestroyed. Spending time and effort inthese will neither earn him reward nor bring punishment. He will,however, miss the rewards he would have gained if he had spent histime in performing good deeds. If the believing slave is still not deceived and manages histime well, Shaytan keeps him busy with less virtuous deeds insteadof what is more preferable and rewarding in order for him to miss the – 22.

If after employing all kinds of temptations and deceptivearguments, Shaytan still does not succeed in diverting the son ofAdam from his religious commitments, he resorts to corrupt his actsof worship and deprive him from the rewards. He stirs up doubtsand makes the person anxious and uncertain. When the call to prayer ends, he comes back, but when the iqaamahstarts, he runs away.

The Sahabah once complained that they experienced waswaaswhich they disliked and would never want to speak of. By this trick Shaytan intends todiscourage the person from his religiouscommitment.