The J4L Barcode plugin for Apache FOP allows you to add barcodes to the Apache FOP documents. This allows you to create PDF files which contain the. [software] Barcode4J (formerly Krysalis Barcode) is a barcode generator which can be used with FOP (Apache license v). [software] JEuclid is a MathML. I was able to design the form with XSLT and using Apache FOP barcode:barcode xmlns:barcode=””.

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Instructions for the Apache FOP extension

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Saturday, December 12, 6: I was able to design the form with XSLT 1. I am using the below names in the XSLT fp Exception that I am getting is D: Thanks in Advance, Siva.

Tuesday, December 15, 3: Hi, Fol fairly sure this approach works, since I’ve used it myself in various reports, make sure you are setting the barcode configuration bits in a user defined block since these should not be touched by stylevision during the XSLT file generation.

Judging by the error you get it appears there are problems loading the additional jar required by fop to generate the barcode barccode. As a first try I suggest you to use the fop. If this still does not work it might be an issue with the barcode library since I do not know if it has been updated for fop 2.

Wednesday, December 16, 9: I’ve had a little free time this morning and I put together a small example for you, hope it is of help. I’ve tested this example with a basic fop 2.


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