: Fostex FEEZ ‘Sigma’ – 8″ full range driver with paper cone and ferrite magnet. im thinking about putting together a pair of speakers using fostex FEEZ sigma . but i keep reading here they only work in backloaded horn. Buy Fostex FE EZ Sigma Fullrange online at » € ✓ Your online hifi specialist retailer for Fullrange.

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Speaker Components

Need speakers that can rock with just one watt? You found da place. Post Order or Asylum Reverse Threaded. High Efficiency Speaker Asylum Need speakers that can fistex with just one watt?

Return to High Efficiency Speaker Asylum. Saint Paul, Minnesota Joined: Madisound has a couple of different kits featuring Fostex drivers.


This is my first foray into full range drivers. Madisound kit My thoughts are that you get what you pay for, and I am inclined to go with the bigger kit and the more expensive speakers. Does anyone have guidance for me? I probably won’t be able to have a ‘do-over’, and auditioning kits is out of the question, so any words of wisdom are cheerfully accepted.


Hide full thread outline!

Show full thread outline! The feesigma needs a tweeter the feen can be used without but fee with tweeters the better set up. You could check out the AA classifieds.

Might save you time effort possible mistakes and cash if you buy something already built. Bill the K Audiophile.

Kloss Fee sigmas also work well with ribbons.

Fostex FE208EZ 8″ Full Range Sigma Series

And have the added benefit of not having to step down tweeters level to match fee sigma. Not till you get to ta is the performance worth padding down tweeter. Still if you can run a ta or tamk2 full out with matching mid horns mid-bass horns etc. Again a whole other level gostex performance is achieved over ta,tamk2 padded.

FE-E Sigma Series : Speaker Components : Fostex

I, too, have been considering the BKm kit. I have ve208ez experience with the-now out of production Fostex FF driver. The dispersion of single drivers can be magical.

Regards, Karl “‘Cause when love is gone, there’s always justice. Bill the K Audiophile Posts: I used a triangular in plan cabinet instead of the rectangular. Increased the height and depth to fowtex up the volume. I didnt expect it but the sound is very good. Shy in the bass but the female voice is outstanding.


I am no good in building but I had help from professional carpenters. I also had a lot of links on various enclosures from kind inmates. Hi, I’m auditioning a pair of Fostex eN.

It’s an impressive little driver. Nice, big soundstage, unlike a usual 4″ driverwith plenty of depth and detail.

I have them in a. The eN’s are running full range. I’m supplimenting the bottom end, 90 Hz or so on down with a single sub. I’m not sure whether or not putting the driver in a horn loaded cabinet would make a huge difference in the low end response. My goal was a good, efficient, 3 way system, 2A3 amp powered and they certainly fulfill the requirement.

I couldn’t be happier with my system.

Trust me, you won’t regert it Let no such man be trusted. Fee sigmas also work well with ribbons.