Reserva de razón social – Certificados – Registros y otros. Vigésima tercera depuración: Listado de empresas depuradas del Registro de. Formulario Virtual de Actualización de Matrícula de Comercio” y Encuesta.

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Business in Bolivia Home Page Questions?

See our Bolivia Business Forum. Bolivia Business Forum Use our business forum to ask questions about conducting business in Bolivia.

If you have already worked with Bolivian partners or companies, started your own business, or searched for jobs in Bolivia, you can share what you learned to benefit others. Bolivia Business Etiquette In Bolivia, business is closely tied to personal and social relationships. It is essential to understand how Bolivians interact with each other socially and on a business scale and to learn about business etiquette and building trust.

How to get to Fundempresa in La Paz by Cable Car or Bus

Find Jobs in Bolivia On this page you’ll find a job search engine which you can use to browse through positions currently being offered in Bolivia. There are numerous job search engines you can use to find jobs in Bolivia online, but remember that most top level jobs are either ‘hired from within’ or offered through personal recommendations.


Fundempresa is the government organism where all fundemlresa that are set up in Bolivia are registered. Its website explains the documentation process to follow to ensure your company is duly registered and recognized by the Bolivian govt.

Fundempresa has a downloadable step by step guide detailing all steps to start a business in Bolivia, whether it be a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, or other type of corporation. Fundempresa also has a Directory of All Businesses in Bolivia.

You can search for a company’s contact information by company name, or enter an occupation or industry to see all companies operating in Bolivia that are fundemprssa under that category. The official Bolivian Government website has a listing of some of the most ufndempresa government offices, ministries and vice-ministries, congress, banks, universities, nationalized companies, and a host of other important government institutions.

This page lists how to become a government supplier or contractor, registration forms, laws and regulations that apply, and a listing of companies currently registered as fundemresa contractors. The World Bank also has a page in English that explains each step you must take to start a business in Bolivia along with a Country Profile, which you can download.


Bolivia Business Resources on Investing, Starting a Company, Finding a Job

It’s an excellent page that explains procedures for starting a business, getting credit, legal business reforms Bolivia has made, registering fundemresa, paying taxes, and much more.

You should take this as a reference, and of course always consult Bolivian authorities when you actually begin the process because business and labor laws change unexpectedly and frequently here.

Learn Spanish Knowing some basic Spanish goes a long way toward gaining the trust of business professionals in Bolivia. Although many speak English or other languages themselves, knowing that bolivix, as a foreigner, made some effort, helps build trust. Of course, there are certain situations in which it is better to hire the services of top-quality professional translators and interpreters in Bolivia.

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