RMS Reverse Voltage. VR(RMS). V. Average Rectified Output Current (Note 1) @ TC = °C. IO. A. Non-Repetitive Peak . GBU Specifications: Diode Type: Single Phase ; Package / Case: GBU ; Packaging: Tube ; Reverse Details, datasheet, quote on part number: GBU . Part, GBU Category. Description, V, A Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifier. Company, Lite-On Technology Corporation. Cross ref. Similar parts: KBU6K.

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For more details, please check their datasheets as followed: Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers http: Suntan Technology Company Limited All Kinds of Capacitors Suntan focuses on manufacturing better quality Bridge Rectifiers, it has won the trust of the customers with excellent quality and low price.

SF is Suntan latest product, we are confident that SF will get more attention in the future.

Super fast switching time for high efficiency. Low forward voltage drop, high current capability. Low reverse leakage current.

GBU Datasheet(PDF) – Diodes Incorporated

Plastic material has UL flammability classification 94V The Specifications of Suntan SF You can check the types as follows. Do you have interest to buy any of them? Suntan Technology Company Limited All Kinds of Capacitors Suntan are helping customers save cost and meeting their different demands with our full range of bridge rectifier.


Bridge Rectifier can be widely application on Illumination Device. Do you know what is consumer electronics? However, in some developed countries, phone, personal computers, home office equipment, home electronic health care equipment, automotive electronics products are also classified in consumer electronics products.

GBU Datasheet(PDF) – SeCoS Halbleitertechnologie GmbH

We are in the field of electronic components with more than 40years and our customer satisfaction continues to improve. Suntan would like to share industrial equipment application of Su Bridge Rectifier with you. Here, the industrial equipment is mainly about equipment of industrial product and machine tools. Su Bridge Rectifier Main Model: Suntan Technology Company Limited All Kinds of Capacitors The half-wave rectifier and the full-wave rectifier are the most common rectification systems.

The half-wave rectifier uses a single diode to simply remove half of the sinusoidal wave.

(PDF) GBU608 Datasheet download

It produces a directional output with a pulsating nature. Positive AC voltage on the cathode side of the diode is allowed to pass through. When the AC reverses, the negative input is not allowed to pass through. The half-wave rectifier has limited uses since it is inefficient and provides only half the potential voltage. It is used in applications such as datasheey dimmer switch on a light, reducing the voltage to half to produce the dimming effect.

The full-wave rectifier is used in situations where both the positive and negative input is required. A full-wave rectifier uses two diodes to convert the entire wave of AC input into a constant positive voltage.


The resulting DC voltage pulsates at twice the frequency of the AC input. A filter is often used to smooth the DC output. A variation of the full-wave rectifier uses four diodes in a bridge, called a full-wave bridge rectifier, in situations where higher power output is required. Suntan Technology Company Limited All Kinds of Capacitors A bridge rectifier transforms alternating current into direct current using an arrangement of diodes. However, a full-wave bridge rectifier uses four specifically placed diodes that are connected to a closed loop which produces the desired output.

A full-wave bridge rectifier has a higher output power and higher output voltage, so it is twice as efficient of a half-wave rectifier.

The transformer utilization factor of a full-wave bridge rectifier is higher than in a single-tap rectifier and the core will have no problems due to DC saturation. Moreover, the full-wave bridge rectifier is getting more popular due to these advantages over half-wave and center-tap rectifiers.

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