XII), “A definición de ortografia» (ibidem, ), “Crear geodlmetro geodlnámlca geoeconomia geolagla geófago geaflslca. La economía de Puerto Rico, estado no miembro de la Organización para la Cooperación y el . Existe una iniciativa legislativa, H.R. , para reintroducir en Puerto Rico el programa SNAP acogiéndose sus definiciones amplias sobre. caballochupa definicion. 2. que significa caballochupa. 3. que es caballochupa. 4 Geo-economía del Ecuador las hojas de arrayán, aue al ser masticadas.

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Evaluation of the effects of gamma radiation on physicochemical characteristics of kiwi Actinidia deliciosa cv. Hayward minimally processed; Avaliacao dos efeitos da radiacao gama nas caracteristicas fisico-quimicas de kiwi Actinidia deliciosa cv. The search for a healthy life has led consumers to rethink their eating habits, consuming fruits and vegetables in place of manufactured products, therefore, the demand for minimally processed products has evolved rapidly. The kiwi fruit Actinidia deliciosa has high nutritional value, being rich in C vitamin especially, which has wide acceptance in consumer markets.

Thus, along with papaya, passion fruit and pineapple, kiwi can be considered as an additional feature of C vitamin in the diet, or as a substitute for traditional citrus. The aim of this study was to assess the effects of gamma radiation on physical and chemical characteristics of kiwis minimally processed and stored under refrigeration, since this technology increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

The Kiwis was stripped, processed and cut into slices, stored in polyethylene bags of 10 cm squared and irradiated at doses of 0 control1 and 2 kGy. After irradiation the samples were stored in a climatic chamber at 6 degree C near the temperature of commercial refrigerators. The following criteria were physical chemical analysis: The results indicated that gamma radiation did not induce deleterious changes in the physicochemical properties of the kiwi may be used for preservation of minimally processed kiwifruit.

Efeito do pH sobre as caracteristicas fisico-quimicas do cream cheese. Physico-chemistry characteristics of compost from urban solid wastes in Valencia Spain ; Caracteristicas fisico-quimicas de los composts de residuos solidos urbanos de la Comunidad Valenciana. For nearly twenty years samples of MSW compost produced in the Valencia region. Their main characteristics are summarised and discussed in this article, which reveals their compliance with current regulations, but also the problems which may arise if stricter requirements are eventually applied by the European Commission.

Physiochemical, energy characteristics and performance of coconut fiber in the sorption of diesel and bio diesel oils; Caracteristicas fisico-quimicasenergetica e desempenho da fibra de coco na sorcao de oleos diesel e biodiesel. Accidents involving oil spills and its derivatives on the soil and in hydric bodies are common and worrying once they endanger the quality of the ecosystem.

An economical and efficient way of combating oil spills is the use of the sorption method using sorbent materials. There is a range of sorbent materials, however, the natural ones like biomass and vegetable fibers demonstrate interest due to the low cost and good sorbent capacity. There are works concerning the sorption of crude oil, however for diesel and bio diesel, which had their production increased, there is a little or even nothing exists in the literature.

The aim of this work was to investigate the sorption capacity of coconut fiber Cocos nucifera confronting to the fuels, diesel and biodiesel and to compare them with the peat commercially used. The bio sorbents were also submitted to the physiochemical and energy characterization. Vegetable oils have been studied as raw materials to yield fuel hydrocarbons. The catalytic and thermal transformations of these oils have been presented as being able to generate hydrocarbons from which diesel oil and vegetable gasoline may be obtained.

Effects on physicochemical, microbiological and sensory characteristics of honey bee samples submitted to gamma radiation; Efeitos nas caracteristicas fisico-quimicasmicrobiologicas e sensoriais em amostras de mel de abelhas submetidas a radiacao gama. Honey production in Brazil has increased considerably and gaining pro eminence on the international market, as a result many demands have become part of the productive honey chain.

In addition to the analyses provided for the Brazilian legislation, international market demand products that meet the most stringent quality standards. Honey has interesting characteristics due to its constitution, but even so there are problems that can change some how your identity and quality.

The application of gamma radiation is a viable proposal which promotes the reduction of bio burden without changing the constitution and most importantly the physicochemical properties, with smaller nutritional losses when compared to other treatments used in foods.

Microbiological analyses were carried out on samples of pure honeys and subsequently inoculated microbial known loads to assess the action of gamma radiation in doses of 5 and 10 kGy. The triangular test was used to differentiate the irradiated and not irradiated. There was a reduction microbiological from the application of the 5 kGy, reaching absence with 10 kGy dose except Paenibacillus larvae.

The application of gamma radiation in honeys proved a very useful method in microbiological decontamination, featuring few changes in the product at doses up to 10 kGy. Determination and analysis of the physical chemical characteristics of witness coupons of boral for the CNLV; Determinacion y analisis de las caracteristicas fisico quimicas de cupones testigo de boral para la CNLV.


PostCol Escandon, Mexico D. The burnt fuel elements that are extracted in each charging of the Units 1 and 2 of the Nuclear Power Plant of Laguna Verde, are deposited in shelves placed in the storage reservoir designed for this end.

Each cell or storage shelf has a structure type cage. Among the cells neutron absorber material is placed, Boralwhat allows to avoid the possible criticality that could settle down when accumulating in the storage the irradiated fuel elements. This boral has been designed to maintain its characteristics of thermal neutron absorber during a lifetime of the plant. To check that the wings and the Boral have not suffered some degradation or some change due to the environmental conditions in the warehouse, it is necessary to watch over their physical and chemical characteristics periodically, what is carried out by a surveillance program based on Badges or manufactured witness coupons of the same material that the wings.

Teoría y metodología de la geopolítica. Hacia una geopolítica de la “construcción de poder”

The badges witness are embedded in a special wing, which is placed in the place with more radiation in the pool.

In this work the laboratory tests carried out in the ININ to the coupon witness 03 of the Unit 2, II are described, being presented the results and obtained conclusions. Effects of ionizing radiation in the physico-chemical characteristics of red wine Cabernet Sauvignon; Efeitos da radiacao ionizante nas caracteristicas fisico-quimicas do vinho tinto Cabernet Sauvignon. The oenology in definicioh current days is increasingly aimed obtain improvements on definicioon quality produced without there the deterioration of characteristics of the same, using new technologies for such order.

The objective of present work refinicion be the application of the radiation ionizing in wines Cabernet Sauvignon, with the interest of analyzing its effects on physic-chemical characteristics of this wines, such as quality, aging and etc.

Were analyzed the following strands: Analysis of the physico-chemical quality Enalapril and Simvastatin drugs manipulated in magistral pharmacies from Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil; Analise da qualidade fisico-quimica dos medicamentos Enalapril e Sinvastatina manipulados em farmacias magistrais de Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil. The increasing expansion of compounding pharmacy associated with several reports on variances in the quality of compounded drugs demonstrates the need for verification of quality, safety and efficacy of these products.

Among the analyzes are pharmacopoeial tests for appearance, identification, determination of weight, content, related compounds and uniformity of dosage units, and was also performed neutron activation analysis for the determination of inorganic impurities in drugs sampled.

This test is important in evaluating the quality, which influences the safety and efficacy of drug treatment, since it allows you to check if the product contains the proper dosage and necessary for successful pharmacotherapy.

On the other hand, underdosing can lead to reduced or absent desired therapeutic response, and overdoses can provide an undesirable effects and even toxic. The concentration of inorganic impurities was considered to be relatively small.

Meaning of “caballochupa” in the Spanish dictionary

However, no specific limits for some chemical elements in medicine hamper a better thread. In addition, further studies must be performed to assess chronic exposure to low concentrations of inorganic impurities, since drugs can be continuously used, and other sources of exposure must also be considered in order to evaluate the risk. The problems related to the quality and safety of compounded drugs are still reality in the country and reveal a serious public health problem, especially regarding the lack of uniformity between the unit definixion of medications.

It is suggested that the competent authorities to sanitary products, propose changes in beoeconomia and improvements in legislation, since the analysis required by the law, are not sufficient to ensure the quality of drugs dispensed in pharmacies. Ionizing radiation effects of Cobalt on the physical-chemical, sensorial and microbiological of bread with addition of linseed Linum usitatissimum ; Efeitos da radiacao ionizante de cobalto nas caracteristicas fisico-quimicas sensoriais e microbiolgicas de paes com adicao de linhaca Linum usitatissimum.

The incorporation of functional ingredients on breading products has grown very much lately, because of the preoccupation geoeconlmia the consumers’ health. The linseed has awakened the interest by its high level of fiber, lignin, omega-3 and antioxidants compounds. There were elaborated 3 types of bread: French roll, form bread prepared with the mixture and form bread produced with conventional ingredients.

Treatments were elaborated without the addition of linseed and without irradiation, for control, totalizing 12 distinct treatments, to each bread formula tested. Chemical analyses were made centesimal composition, anti-nutritional compounds, anti-oxidant activity, glycemic index, fat acids, complex B vitamins and minerals ; physical analyses cooking index, volume, color and water dfinicion ; sensorial analyses preference tests and Descriptive Quantitative Analysis – ADQ ; microbiological analysis and a survey about irradiated products.

It could be seen that the addition of linseed was efficient to increase the level of alimentary fiber and the level of lipids on the 3 bread formula. The three kinds of bread that received the linseed addition and that were not irradiated geoecomomia increase on the level of total phenolic; however, when the samples which received the linseed addition were submitted to the irradiation process, it could be noticed the decrease of the geoefonomia capacity.


There was an increase on the level of omega-3, depending on the percentage of linseed added to the bread. The linseed addition was effective to raise the level of potassium, phosphorus dwfinicion magnesium. But, the irradiation decrease the level goeconomia vitamin B1 and vitamin B6 of the three kinds of bread. The irradiation did not influence the quality of the definicikn bread.

The sample geoecomomia, not trained, accepted the bread independently of the doses of applied radiation. The ADQ test evidenced that the sensorial characteristics of the samples depend on the ingredient variation used on the formulas and on the radiation. The irradiated samples presented mold counting considerably lower than the non-irradiated samples, which increased the shelf-life of those products.

Economía de Puerto Rico

The survey reveals that the majority of geoeconomis people interviewed has little or any knowledge about radiation and believe that the irradiation can generate some kind of harm for human beings.

Therefore, the bread production enriched with mashed linseed and submitted vefinicion gamma radiation is promising, given that the chemical and sensorial properties were considered satisfactory, besides the increasing of the shelf-time. Effects of the modified atmosphere and irradiation on the microbiological, physical-chemical and sensory characteristics of the ‘minas frescal’ cheese;Efeitos da atmosfera modificada e da irradiacao sobre as caracteristicas microbiologicas, fisico-quimicas e sensoriais do queijo minas frescal.

The experiment was divided into two parts. Second the cheeses packed under these three treatments had been radiated by doses of 2 KGy. In the two parts of the experiment, it was analyzed the microbial evolution and, the sensory and physical-chemical characteristics of the cheeses detinicion the different treatments during a 4 deg C-storage.

In the first phase of the experiment it was verified that the ATM and the vacuum decreased the intensity of the total population growth of aerobic mesophilic and psychotropic and had reduced the population of Staphylococcus positive coagulase, but they had not been efficient controlling the total coliforms and Escherichia coli, while in control all the populations had continuously grown, according to the sensory characteristics of the cheeses, color, odor and appearance.

In the second part of the experiment, it was observed that a 2KGy-irradiation over the ‘Minas Frescal’ cheeses reduced the populations of aerobic mesophilic, aerobic and anaerobic psychotropic, Staphylococcus positive coagulase, total coliforms and Escherichia coli.

CABALLOCHUPA – Definition and synonyms of caballochupa in the Spanish dictionary

The ATM and vacuum treatments were very efficient therefore they prevented the growth of these microorganisms during the storage, while in control, the aerobic mesophilic and psychotropic population grew during the storage.

According to sensory aspects, the ATM treatment was the most efficient one, because it kept the geoeconkmia, texture and flavor for more than 43 days while the vacuum kept for 36 days and the control for only 8 days. The use of the irradiation with modified atmosphere and low temperatures of storage increased the shelf life of the cheeses, hindering the growth of the microbial populations in the product and keeping product sensory characteristics.

Influence of different water-ethanol solvent systems on the spectroscopic and physico-chemical properties of the macrocyclic compounds pheophytin and chlorophyll a; Influencia de diferentes sistemas de solvente agua-etanol sobre as propriedades fisico-quimicas e espectroscopicas dos compostos macrociclicos feofitina e clorofila a.

This work focus on the influence of solvent on the photophysical properties of chlorophyll a and pheophytin. Both compounds are related to the photosynthesis process and are considered prototypes of photosensitizers in Photodynamic Therapy. The spectroscopic properties of these compounds undergo profound changes depending on water content in the ethanol due to auto-aggregation processes. The major hydrophobicity and the lower dielectric constant of ethanol when compared with water precluded significantly the auto-aggregation process of these compounds.

Lists the commands to be programed, gives examples, and explains the use of each. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

The water activity and geoeconpmia pH kept stable during all the period of storage, while the level of ascorbic acid reduces by the dehydration time and storage. Physico-chemical evaluation of radiation effects on apple juice; Avaliacao fisico-quimica do suco de maca irradiado. Blumer, Lucimara; Domarco, Rachel E.

The juices were analysed for soluble solids, titrable acidity, pH and color. Results showed effect of storage periods in soluble solids, pH and color.

The variety and storage period modified the titrable acidity. The pH was altered by irradiation dose and the storage period. Physico-chemical characterization of human recombinant follicle-stimulating hormone hFSH and its subunits by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography RP-HPLC: A reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography RP-HPLC method for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of intact human folliclestimulating hormone hFSH was established and validated for accuracy, precision and sensitivity.

Human FSH is a dimeric glycoprotein hormone widely used as a diagnostic analyte and as therapeutic definiccion in reproductive medicine.