A number sign (#) is used with this entry because of evidence that Haim-Munk syndrome (HMS) is caused by homozygous mutation in the gene encoding. Haim–Munk syndrome is a cutaneous condition caused, like Papillon-Lefevre Syndrome, by a mutation in the cathepsin C gene. It is named after Dr. Salim Haim. Abstract. Of the many palmoplantar keratoderma (PPK) conditions, only Papillon- Lefèvre syndrome (PLS) and Haim-Munk syndrome (HMS) are associated with.

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None, Conflict of Interest: Here, we present two cases of same family with HMS having all the cardinal features of HMS which includes palmo plantar keratoderma and periodontitis mujk with arachnodactyly, acroosteolysis, onychogryphosis, and marked osteopenia on hand wrist radiographs.

Both the siblings were treated with cotrimoxazole, acetretin and topical keratolytics and followed up over a period of one year, showed remarkable improvement in palmo plantar keratoderma and periodontitis.


Haim Munk syndrome, palmo plantar keratoderma, acetretin, acroosteolysis, cathepsin C gene. Salim Haim and the syndrome that bears his name Al Aboud, K.

Haim–Munk syndrome

Related articles Haim Munk syndrome palmo plantar keratoderma acetretin acroosteolysis cathepsin C gene. How to cite this article: Mohan RS, Verma S.

Report of two siblings of Syndroms India treated with acitretin. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol ; How to cite this URL: Photographs of the elder boy.

Haim-Munk syndrome

Photographs of elder boy. Photographs of younger girl.

Radiographs of the elder boy. Sherak NB, Thomson G.

Australasian J Dermatol ; J Med Genet ; Of palms, soles, and gums. BMC Med Genet ;4: A homozygous cathepsin C mutation associated with Haim-Munk syndrome. Br J Dermatol ; A syndrome of keratosis palmo-plantaris mun, pes planus, onychogryphosis, periodontosis, arachnodactyly and a peculiar acro-osteolysis. Dermatologic, periodontal, and skeletal manifestations of Haim-Munk syndrome in two siblings.

Haim-Munk syndrome

J Am Acad Dermatol ; This article has been cited by. Papillon-Lefevre or Haim-Munk Syndrome…? Report on Two Sisters in a Consanguineous Family. Salim Haim and the syndrome that bears his name.


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