Results 1 – 10 of 12 Honeywell DPR Users manual, DR Document Type: Support Document | Release Date: 19 Mar | Size: 56KB. DPR Find great deals for Honeywell DPR Strip Chart Recorder. Shop with confidence on eBay!. DPR Battery DPR Search and avail all support documentation with respect to Honeywell products, subscribe to notifications and.

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These ink-writing charts are available in a wide variety of ranges for 24 hour or 7 day durations. Save on your honeywell chart papers and accessories today. RTD Pt 3-wire connections, lead resistance per wire 40 ohms balanced. Flash memory for software upgrade via the front jack. This provides the facility to copy the configuration, modify, store, upload or download the product configuration or make a service diagnostic or upgrade a new software or Iinearize 2 special customer sensors 50 segments each.

Rear screw terminals, Terminal modules plug onto the instrument boards. The recorder can be configured to deliver an output signal alarm relay on a recorder event such as burnout, paper cassette out, battery fail, alarm condition or communication interrupted.

Popular Charts by Manufacturer.

Honeywell DPR Strip Chart Recorder | eBay

Can trigger a message, print channel red in alarm, print in alarm, change the range, change the speed, print digital PV values, trigger the event precursor. Battery backed 10 years time, 3 years off power Accuracy: DPR D multipoint recorder: Item Successfully Added to your cart! A friendly program with prompt messages confirms the operation. The history before and honeywelp the event represents about 50 mm of chart paper.

Process Solutions

DPR recorders feature universal inputs and are ideal for almost any process application. Year, month, hour, minute can be set Power interruption: The DPR C and D recorders are designed to meet the recording needs for most recording applications. They provide clear and easy to understand charts, full chart documentation and a wide choice of ranges and actuations that allows the user to document the process and what has occurred.


Rear terminal cover, portable case Mounting: Honeywell and circular charts are designed to fit the DR 10 inch chart recorder. Each channel can be named by 8 characters. Continuous traces in color, dotted traces in configurable color with regular chart documentation configurable.

The acquisition data is stored in a buffer memory FiFo A stand-by message is periodically printed. Dialing out via modem autodial can affect data over communications as it uses the same communications port.

The read out allows continuous monitoring and the quick detection of out of tolerance deviations. The prompt messages can be selected in different languages: Change chart speed 1 to speed 2, tab interval 1 to tab interval 2, digital print-out, print message, print inhibit, event trace, print a batch message, tabulate maths calculations. DR recorders are used in a variety of industries including food and beverage, heat-treating, cold storage monitoring, flow monitoring and pharmaceutical honeywelp.

This circular honeywwell chart allows the recorder to print a variety of programmable grid configurations and simultaneously record as many as four distinct processes. On event alarm, digital input, front key, communication the data is downloaded to be printed on the chart at pre-configured speed.

mm Strip Chart Recorders | Industrial Controls

Inputs are scanned by solid state switches and are galvanically isolated except for RTD sensor. Testing Wireless Solutions Testing wireless transmitters link. We also offer the largest available selection of series circulars as well as a full line of DPR strip charts and marking systems. Many functions are available such as: Request Our Free Catalog. Digital print-out of PV values through alarms, digital inputs, communication or front keyboard.


Digital communication optional Protocols: Periodic digital printing at intervals configurable from 60 to mm 2. Contact Us contact form contact information give us your feedback. Their large bright display, together with their outstanding chart visibility and fluorescent illumination makes it easy to read and interpret from a considerable distance. Math functions can be interconnected.

Per input, up to 2 analogueue scales can be configured to be printed on the chart with the engineering unit channel reference and tag name, Each input can be configured differently. Pen 1 used as operation marker on the right side of the chart for event 1 and on the left side of the chart for event 2.

Complies with EN and UL for process control instrumentation. Thermocouple with individual cold junction compensation.

Strip charts can run unattended for extended periods of time. The Truline charts from Graphic Controls may be used with confidence in all Truline Recorder applications.

Through the front jack the unit can be configured from a PC through a PC interface. Honewell based, with non-volatile memory. Please use our Chart Search and our Pen Search to find the charts and pens and ribbons you need today! Up to 4 dry contact inputs 1.

The display brightness is configurable. They are particularly suitable for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, power generation, metals, environmental monitoring and food processing applications. Through ASCII communication, application software gives the facility to read PVs, alarms or event status, to store the information on a file, to send a message to the recorder or to modify the product configuration.