HP Photosmart Premium C series Help. 3. HP Ph otos mart Pre m ium. C3. 09 series Help Cancel: Stops the current operation. 8. Help: Opens the Help Menu . Raise photo tray lid and slide paper-width guide outwards. Load media. Troubleshooting guide and online help for your HP Photosmart Premium Fax All- in-One Printer – Ca. HP Photosmart Ca: User Guide. Photosmart Ca All in One Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Photosmart premium fax all-in-one printer – c

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You can touch the following icons on the Status Dashboard to view specific details. Get to know the HP Photosmart Manage Apps Add new Apps. Touch a desired App. Touch the Get More icon in the top-left corner of the Home premiu. You can also touch the Get More App on the Home screen.

This section contains links to commonly performed tasks, such as printing photos, scanning, and making copies. A4 paper, photo paper, transparencies, and envelopes.


By default, the HP Photosmart is set to detect the size and type of paper you load in the input tray automatically and then adjust its settings to generate the highest quality output for that paper.

At this time, some portions of the HP Web site are available in English only. Recommended papers for printing If you want the best print quality, HP recommends using HP papers that are specifically designed for the type of project you are printing. Chapter 4 Load media Do one of the following: Load 10 x 15 cm 4 x 6 inch paper a.

Raise photo tray lid. If the photo paper you are using has perforated tabs, load photo paper so that tabs are closest to you. Chapter 4 Load A4 or 8. Pull out the main input tray.

Information on paper Information on paper The HP Photosmart is designed to work well with most paper types. Test a variety of paper types before buying a large quantity. Find a paper type that works well and is easy to purchase. HP papers are designed for the best quality results.

In addition, follow these tips: You need to change the settings manually only when you change print quality, print on specific types of paper or transparency film, or use special features. Chapter 5 Select the appropriate options for your print job by using the features available in the Advanced, Printing Shortcuts, Features, and Color tabs.

You can easily select the appropriate options for your print job by choosing one of the predefined print tasks on the Printing Shortcuts tab. Click a type of print task in the Printing Shortcuts list. Print quality drop-down list, you can enable it from the Advanced tab. For more information, see Print using the maximum dpi. Print single photo on small-size paper a. Chapter 5 Ciletype single photo on full-size paper a. Chapter 5 Print multiple photos on full-size paper a.


HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One Printer – Ca Troubleshooting | HP® Customer Support

Do one of the following: Set up Internet connection. Print single photo on full-size paper a. Print multiple photos on full-size paper a. Log in to Snapfish. If you use Internet Explorer 6. To get the most benefit from maximum dpi mode, use it to print high-quality images such as digital photographs. When you select the maximum dpi setting, the printer software displays the optimized dots per inch filrtype that the HP Photosmart printer photosmqrt print. Printing in maximum dpi is supported on the following paper-types only: Print to the top, bottom, and side edges of 10 x 15 cm 4 x 6 inch and 13 x 18 cm 5 x 7 inch HP Photo Papers.

Print two-sided documents with mutliple pages on same sheet to reduce manuall usage. Print dialog box from within your software application.

HP Photosmart C309a Manuals

Make changes to the print settings, and click OK. Chapter 5 Edit photos before useer Do one of the following: Lift lid on product. Load original print side down on right front corner of glass. Touch Scan on the Home screen. The Choose Scan Destination menu appears. If product is network-connected, a list of available computers appears. Select computer to which c309aa want to transfer to start the scan. The image to be scanned appears.

Save a scan to USB drive a.

Specify number of copies. The Photosmarg menu appears. Copy text or mixed documents The Copy Settings menu appears. Set the contrast as desired, and then touch Done.

HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One Printer – Ca User Guides | HP® Customer Support

Preview a copy before printing After changing settings on the HP Photosmart for making a copy, you can preview an image of the expected output on the display before starting the copy. Reprint photos To reprint an original photo Load original. Chapter 8 Touch Print to preview print job. View the animation for this topic. Related topics Stop the current job Reprint photos You can run the Fax Setup Wizard when you install the software or you can run it from the Solution Center at any time.

The instructions for setting up the HP Photosmart for faxing differ depending on whether you have a serial- or parallel-type phone system. If you use another phone cord, you might experience problems sending and receiving faxes.

Chapter 9 Case C: There are two different ways to set up the HP Photosmart with your computer based on the number of phone ports on your computer. Before you begin, check your computer to see if it has one or two phone ports.


If incoming fax tones are detected, the HP Photosmart will emit fax reception tones and receive the fax; if there are no fax tones, the HP Photosmart stops monitoring the line and your answering machine can record a voice message. Find the phone cord that connects from the back of your computer your computer dial-up modem to a telephone wall jack. Turn off the Auto Answer setting. Run a fax test. You must be available to respond in person to incoming fax calls, or the HP Photosmart cannot receive faxes.

Chapter 9 Send a fax To send a fax Load original. Touch Fax on Home screen. The Fax screen appears. Initiate a fax from your phone Sending a fax manually allows you to make a phone call and talk with the recipient before you send the fax. This is useful if you want to inform the recipient that you are going to send them a fax before sending it.

You can view the Status Dashboard to see the fax receive settings. Chapter 10 Save photos. Select computer to which you want to transfer photos, and then continue to next step. Insert a memory card into appropriate slot on product. Log in to Snapfish and upload photos. Log in using the keypad and touch OK. Related topics Stop the current job Save photos to Snapfish It shows save successful.

Share photos using Uuser. Touch From Snapfish Address Book. Touch Done Selecting after selecting all the addresses you want. Wireless without a router ad hoc connection Wired Photodmart network Before you connect the HP Photosmart to a network, make sure you have all of the required materials.

Remove the yellow plug from the back of the HP Photosmart. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to an available port on your Ethernet router or switch. Install the software for a network connection Wireless without a router ad hoc connection Manuzl this section if you want to connect the HP Photosmart to a wireless-capable computer without using a wireless router or access point.

There are two methods you may use to connect the HP Photosmart to your computer using an ad hoc wireless network connection. To find the configuration program for your wireless LAN card, access your computer’s list of programs. Touch Yes, my network uses WEP encryption. The visual keyboard displays. If you prremium not want to mmanual WEP encryption, touch No, my network does not use encryption.