Buy Il banchiere dei poveri by Muhammad Yunus, A. Jolis, E. Dornetti (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s (): storie di uomini, donne, famiglie . riassunto materiale online “il banchiere dei poveri” il termine “microcredito” non esisteva prima degli anni settanta; oggi questa parola assume diverse. MICROCREDITO: Muhammad Yunus el banquero de los pobres . Il banchiere dei poveri, Muhammad Yunus – Porta a porta 17/05/ by Rai.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. In this book, Yunus shows dsi social business has gone bancihere being a theory to an inspiring practice, adopted by leading corporations, entrepreneurs, and social activists across Asia, South America, Europe and the US.

He demonstrates how social business transforms lives; offers practical guidance for those who dii to create social businesses of their own; explains how public and corporate policies must adapt to make room for the social business model; and shows why social business holds the potential to redeem the failed promise of free-market enterprise. Hardcoverpages. Published May muhammxd by PublicAffairs first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask muhamad readers questions about Building Social Businessplease sign up.

Mohammed Abdullahi From the beginning of the Povefi struggle, there was stiffness in the compliance of the mass and it has reached a level that he has to bbanchiere some …more From the beginning of the Yunus struggle, there was stiffness in the compliance of the mass and it has reached a level that he has to inject some money into the business, was that capitalist tendency to wear the shoe of socialism? See all 8 questions about Building Social Business….

Lists with This Book. Sep 19, Riku Sayuj rated it really liked it Shelves: Is Yunus the only practicing as in the type who never came across the proverbial armchair yet nobel laureate in economics?

Yet, in spite of full awareness of the credentials bancihere the author, everything insid Is Yunus the only practicing as in the type who never came across the proverbial armchair yet nobel laureate in yunis Yet, in spite of full awareness of the credentials of the author, everything inside a reader militates against the seemingly utopian picture Yunus paints. You want to shout at him: All the talk of incentives being the fuel of the human growth engine fall flat.

Finally Yunus gets to the case studies, and you read on with growing astonishment that the very principles outlined earlier, the principles that you had in your economic wisdom so thoroughly cut into muhamamd, all seem to just work on the ground. You scratch your banchkere and try to figure it out. Then you forget your criticism and congratulate yourself on your own positive outlook towards humanity.

Aug 05, Laura rated it it was ok. I was really excited when I found the audiobook of this title on the shelf at Half-Price Books. I had an 8 dri drive coming up, and now instead of spending the time scanning for radio stations, I could listen to a book by the awesomely awesome Muhammad Yunus.

Unfortunately, the book turned out to be quite disappointing. I was expecting something a LOT more rigorous from an economist. I almost said, “from a guy who won the Nobel Prize in Economics,” but then I looked it up an I was really excited when I found the audiobook of this title on the shelf at Half-Price Books. Which makes a lot more sense now.

The book is just mihammad lot of fluff. And not just fluff, poevri crazy utopian fluff that ignores bancgiere the most basic economics. Apparently, capitalism is great, but its one flaw is that it treats people as if they are single-mindedly greedy and ignores their compassionate tendencies. Wait, that’s a flaw? I thought that was, you know, the entire underlying principle of capitalism.


But so it is, according to Yunus. And he has the solution: This also makes no sense. Capitalism is a theory that seeks to explain the behavior of people and businesses It either accurately predicts outcomes, or it doesn’t. In any case, Yunus’s main idea is to develop organizations that function just as profit-maximizing businesses, only they seek to address societal ills and invest all “profit” into further expanding the service.

For example, he discusses an initiative between his Grameen Bank and Veolia Water which is working to sell clean drinking water to a Bangladeshi village in such a way that its revenues balance all its costs. Any surplus they make will first pay back the initial investment with no interest or profit ; then the rest will be used to begin cleaning the drinking water the next village over, and so on. It’s an awesome idea, and one day I actually hope to work muhammmad something like that, but the book does nothing back up the theory.

What entices people to invest in social business?

Grameen Bank | carlobattisti

What will allow people to invest in social business in the most effective way, without any price signals? But it’s forbidden to make money on a social business, so all of these traders are just spending their entire lives researching the social indicators of social businesses in every different imaginable field, analyzing numbers of people served with clean water to numbers of people served with proper nutrition and comparing them to determine which is more “valuable” just so they can make money to Oh, and we will live in a utopia where your social status will depend on how dri your social businesses are, and government welfare programs will no longer exist because nothing bad will ever happen to anyone.

There’s an interesting middle part where he talks about the examples of social businesses he has started through Grameen, and those are worth reading to hear about the challenges they faced and overcame.

I just wish there was more to back this up as a truly viable method of poverty reduction other than wishful yunuw. I am sure the social businesses that do exist are awesome, and I’m sure people will start more, and in general, I am fully behind the concept.

I just don’t bancbiere it as the earth-shattering game-changer he wants it to be without a much more solid foundation. Jul bajchiere, Kathryn rated it it was amazing Shelves: It has been a number of years since I read this book. I have a business degree and worked in for large companies, including one multi-national. I have also had my own business. So, I have done my share of reading and keeping up with trends until I became severely disabled.

Il banchiere dei poveri

This book is a must for anyone who wants an understandable yet integral look at how business can work on a local level in Asia. So many of us are aware to some level about the American businesses that have shipped jobs to Asi It has been a number of years since Muhammas read this book.

So many of us are aware to some level about the American businesses that have shipped jobs to Asia. However, many people choose not to leave ul communities to work in factories or they don’t even have the resources to travel for a job in another city even 50 miles away something that most individuals never consider. Muhammed Yunus understands that and other constraints on the average person that must find a means to provide for their family.

To use a oft quoted wisdom, if the mountain doesn’t come to Muhammed, Muhammed goes to the mountain.


For many people across the world including Asia, they simply need some guidance and a little cash to get them into a more secure place in the economic system. This clever and compassionate man started Gameen Bank. He has given these women all the tools to be successful. It is been such a success that he has taken it to other places including NYC. Yunus is changing the world.

povsri He won the Nobel Peace Prize in I also had the opportunity to see a documentary that was done in the bajchiere of NYC Bronx? Yunus has been the face of this project, he has not exclusively pursued this avenue. He has however made a difference in many people’s lives and that in itself is laudable. While I have provided a simple overview based on having read it so long ago, it impressed me greatly.

I remember reading it and as some point shedding a few tears as a result.

Here is a link to NPR’s look at Microloans along with some who question their value. Sep 08, Zenfira rated it really liked it. Awat la aku nak baca, bukan nak buat bisnes pun. Mula-mula memang skeptik dengan perkataan “business” tu tetapi sebenarnya banyak mutiara pengalaman daripada Grameen bermaksud kampung ni untuk diri sendiri.

Satu hal yang saya kagum dan terinspirasi adalah betapa dalam kemelut kepayahan satu masyarakat itu pun, inshaAllah jika kena dengan idea yang tepat dan usaha ya “Social business?

Satu hal yang saya kagum dan terinspirasi adalah betapa dalam kemelut kepayahan satu masyarakat itu pun, inshaAllah jika kena dengan idea yang tepat dan usaha yang berterusan, satu perubahan bisa dibuat. Muhammad Yunus juga mengajar saya melalui buku ini, betapa, untuk memulakan satu perubahan, tidak semesti tunggu kesempurnaan – terus buat sahaja selepas beberapa kali analisa dan pengkajian tentang masalah – dan sepanjang usaha itu, setiap silap itu kita baiki dan ditingkatkan untuk beri usaha lebih baik.

Juga, dalam dunia ini, banyak hal birokrasi yang melecehkan dan akhirnya satu perkara baik tu tak sampai pun pada end-target kita; melalui buku ini juga saya dapat beberapa idea tentang bagaimana untuk cuba atasi masalah ini. Alhamdulillah, buku yang meneman saya sepanjang dua hari “terapi”.

Apr 03, Niloy rated it it was amazing. A manifesto with excellent potentials. It could change the world. I suspect it will. Feb 21, Nityakanuri rated it it was amazing Shelves: So many authors pass judgment on or make claims about the best ways to live and work and conduct oneself; however, Yunus has a history of experiences to validate his thoughts and writing.

What’s better, those experiences allow him to lay out exactly how to get started. They each discussed their different business models and sources of revenue, and shared their thoughts on the buzzword topic of “sustainability. Be like the Little Engine that Could. However small or large that initial effort may be, just crossing the hurdle of starting is significant. In this spirit of supporting organization that “do better” for the world, I actually bought this book on a site called Buyve.

For every book I purchase on the site, a percentage of the profits gets added to college scholarship funds for local students.

Since I live in Philly, my money gets directed to a local Philly high muhaammad students, which I think is pretty neat. They have all the books I need, are practically the same price as Amazon, and my money is supporting students in my community, instead of Amazon, which already has enough money if you ask me!