Il tabarro (The Cloak) is an opera in one act by Giacomo Puccini to an Italian libretto by Giuseppe Adami, based on Didier Gold’s play La houppelande. It is the . Il Tabarro. music by. GIACOMO PUCCINI. libretto by. GIUSEPPE ADAMI (from ” La Houppelande” by Didier Gold). NOTE: Due to copyright laws, using the links. Il trittico (Il tabarro, Suor Angelica, Gianni Schicchi) – opera by Giacomo Puccini; libretto with translations.

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Composers Operas Links Forum About. The Cloak ; Sister Angelica; Gianni Schicchi Sister Angelica Characters Sister Angelica — soprano The Princess, her aunt — contralto The Abbess — mezzo-soprano The Sister Monitor — mezzo-soprano The Mistress of the novices — mezzo-soprano Sister Genevieve — soprano Sister Osmina — soprano Sister Dolcina — soprano The nursing sister sick nurse sister — mezzo-soprano The alms sisters — sopranos A novice — soprano The lay librstto — soprano and mezzo-soprano Offstage chorus of women, children, and men The action takes place in a convent in the latter part of the Seventeenth Century.

At the back, beyond the right-hand arches, is the cemetery; beyond the left-hand arches is the garden. In the centre are cypresses, a cross, herbs and flowers. At the back, on the left, between yellow water-iris plants is a fountain, whose spray falls into an earthenware basin.

A sunset in springtime. A ray of sunlight falls on the spray from the fountain.

Il Tabarro

The stage is empty. The sisters are in the chapel, singing.

Two lay sisters are late. They cross the scene, pause for a moment to listen to the bird-song from the cypresses, then they go into the chapel. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Sister Angelica is also late. She enters from the right and goes towards the chapel. She opens the door and does the penance for latecomers, which the lay sisters omitted to do: Holy Mary, pray for us sinners. The sisters come out of the chapel two by two. The abbess stops in front of the cross and the nuns bow to her as they pass. The abbess blesses them and, when all the sisters have gone past, she withdraws.

The nuns do not disperse yet, but stay together, making a semi-circle of little groups. The sister monitor comes into the middle. You sisters, on the other hand, sinned unthinkingly, and you have lost one day of quindene!


She waits to hear her penance. They go off, contrite, under the right-hand arches. Be on your way, and keep silent. Sister Lucilla goes off to spin thread. Sister Osmina shrugs her shoulders.

The Virgin is watching you! Sister Osmina leaves; all eyes are upon her, and follow her as she goes under the arches and disappears into her cell. Sister Osmina slams her cell door shut. Sister Angelica hoes the earth and waters the herbs and flowers. Look where it is falling, there among the greenery! The sunlight is on the water-irises! The three evenings of the golden fountain are beginning! Queen of mercy, thank you, thank you. For only three evenings in the year when we leave choir, God lets us see the sun falling on the fountain and turning it gold.

Another year has gone by! And one sister is missing. A sad silence falls on the cloister; the sisters are absorbed in silent prayer, and seem to evoke an image of the sister who is no longer there.

Oh sister, death is life more beautiful! Do you not have a desire? Forgive me, Lord, You who are the Lamb of God. Something nice to eat! Greed is a serious sin! Sister Dolcina looks upset and chastened. Do you have desires? Sister Angelica turns back to her flowers. Tabatro sisters group together on the opposite side and mutter.

She has told a lie! She would like some word of tqbarro family.

She has been in the convent more than seven years, with no news. And she appears resigned, but she is so troubled. She was a lady! They wanted her to enter, seemingly as a punishment. The group breaks up. Oh sister, soothe her pain.

Il Tabarro: libretto I/E

She searches quickly among taharro herbs and flowers. Tell Sister Chiara that lirbetto will be very bitter, but it will do her good. And tell her, too, that wasp stings are small discomforts, and not to complain, because complaining increases the distress.

Thank you, sister, thank you. Two almoner sisters enter from the left, leading a little donkey laden with goods. The sisters surround the donkey, while the almoner sisters unload the goods and pass them to the sister cellarer. The second almoner sister leads the donkey away. Will you take some, sisters! They group together on the right eating the currants amid gentle laughter.

It must be waiting for someone who has come into the convent, and perhaps in a moment the bell of the visiting room will ring. Did it have a coat of arms? And inside was it covered in deep blue silk embroidered with silver? The sisters come running up from all sides. A visitor is coming! For whom can it be? Librrtto only it were my cousin bringing good lavender seed. If only it librrtto my mother bringing us the white doves.


Sister Genovieffa comes up to the group, pointing out Sister Atbarro with pity. Smile to the Saviour for me. THE ABBESS Sister Angelical The abbess makes a sign to the sisters to leave; as they go, they see that the fountain has turned gold, and, taking a little pail of water, they go off towards the cemetery and disappear.

Mother, speak Lkbretto have been waiting for seven years, waiting for pibretto word, for a letter. I have offered everything up to the Virgin in total expiation. Sister Angelica, drained, drops libetto to her knees and calms herself.

May she rest in peace. Every word is heard by the Holy Virgin. The abbess walks towards the visiting room door. Sister Angelica gets up and goes to the archway of the visiting room. Sister porter opens the door then waits at the side. We are now in the visiting room. A dark librftto severe figure passes in front of the abbess and sister porter. She carries herself with natural aristocratic dignity: She enters, walking slowly and leaning on an ebony stick.

She comes to a halt and glances coldly at her niece, betraying no emotion. Seeing her aunt, Sister Angelica is gripped by emotion, but she restrains herself, since the figures of the abbess and sister porter can still be made out in the shadows.

The doors close behind the two nuns. Sister Angelica, emotional and nearly fainting, goes up to her aunt, but the princess holds out her left hand, indicating that she will only allow her hand to be kissed. Sister Angelica takes the hand to her lips and then falls to her knees as her aunt sits down. Sister Angelica never takes her eyes off the old woman’s face: Her aunt, on the other hand, looks deliberately straight ahead. I was to divide it when I decided it was convenient, and in total fairness.

This is what I have done. Here is the document. You may peruse it, discuss it, sign fabarro.