An understanding of quantum mechanics is vital to all students of physics, chemistry and electrical engineering, but requires a lot of mathematical concepts, the. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics – Ajoy Ghatak, Macmillan India Ltd. Chapter – 5 II. Time independent Schrodinger Equation (15 hours) Stationary state. This book by a distinguished physicist, ideal for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students of Physics and Engineering provides a comprehensive.

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Quantum Mechanics and Applications.

Dirac Delta function and Fourier Transforms. Wave particle duality, one- and three- dimensional Schrodinger equation.

The free particle problem in one dimension. Wave Packets and Group velocity. Ghxtak well of infinite and finite depths, the linear harmonic oscillator. Angular Momentum and rotation.

Particle in a box with applications to the free electron model. Particle in a spherically symmetric potential problem.


The hydrogen atom and the deuteron. A numerical method to obtain solutions of the Schrodinger equation will also be discussed and a software to understand basic concepts in quantum mechanics will also be demonstrated.

Dirac’s bra – ket algebra; Linear Harmonic Oscillator introdhction using bra – ket algebra, creation and annihilation operators, transition to the classical oscillator, Coherent states. The angular momentum problem, using bra – ket algebra, ladder operators and angular momentum matrices. The Stern Gerlach and magnetic resonance experiments. Addition of Angular Momenta and Clebsch-Gordan coefficients. Go to the Course Home or watch other lectures:. Lecture 12 – Linear Harmonic Oscillator cont.

Quantum Mechanics: Theory and Applications

Lecture 13 – Linear Harmonic Oscillator cont. The Diatomic Molecule contd.

Lecture 27 – The Linear Harmonic Oscillator: Justification of the Connection Formulae Module Lecture 42 – Time Independent Perturbation Theory cont. Lecture 01 – Basic Quantum Mechanics I: Simple Solutions of the One-dimensional Mchanics Equation.


Introduction to Quantum Mechanics – Ajoy Kumar Ghatak – Google Books

Lecture 21 – The Two Body Problem: The Hydrogen atom, The Deuteron. Lecture 22 – Two Body Problem: Lecture 25 – Dirac’s Bra and Ket Algebra: The Linear Harmonic Oscillator.

Lecture 33 – Addition of Angular Momentum: Tunneling Probability Calculations and Applications. Justification of the Connection Formulae.