Geometry – Volumes I & II. Description: Tanton’s take on the standard high. Thinking Mathematics! (10 volumes). Prices: Most are $ (but Volume 6. Think Puzzles and Think Cool Math. Here are some essays illustrating.

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James Tanton — PROOF SCHOOL

This is the first book of a multi-volume series exploring joyful mathematics thinking and doing. Written for educators, high-school students and math enthusiasts of all ages and all backgrounds, this text starts at the very beginning of mathematical thinking — counting — and gradually unveils layers of understanding and wondrous delight through the power of thinking deeply about simple ideas.

Topics covered in this text include: Be sure to check out: Advanced Counting and Advanced Algebra Systems for the continuation of this story. Volumes 3 mathdmatics tackle the traditional topics of the high-school curriculum. Encyclopedia of Matthematics is a comprehensive one-volume encyclopedia designed for high school through early college students. More than 1, entries, numerous essays, and more than photographs and illustrations cover the principal areas and issues that characterize this area of science.


Books : Thinking Mathematics!

In order to provide a well-rounded, completely accessible reference, the author worked closely with teachers of all levels in developing subject material and a sound understanding of mathematical concepts, and on teaching analytical thinking.

Showcases some of the best activities and student outcomes of the St.

Revel in the delight of deep intellectual play and marvel at the heights to which young scholars can rise. See some great mathematics thinkking and proved via natural and accessible means.

Sophisticated mathematics is accessible to all. Solve This proves it! It is a collection of intriguing mathematical problems and activities linked by common themes that involve working with objects from our everyday experience.

Learn about the mathematical mysteries of a bagel, a checkerboard, and a pile of kames, for example. Discover thiking yourself that wheels need not be round, that braids need not have free ends, that it is always best to turn around twice — and more!


Mathematics is all around us.

James Tanton

We all do mathematics everyday. What is the value of pi for a square? What can we say about ropes wrapped around the Earth?

Can the value of pi change? Encyclopedia of Mathematics Encyclopedia of Mathematics is a comprehensive one-volume encyclopedia designed for high school through early college students. Math Activities for Students and Clubs Sophisticated mathematics is mathematocs to all.

Lots of mathematical fun to be had. Books Take your understanding to the next level with easy to understand books by James Tanton.