Jandar Of Callisto has ratings and 18 reviews. Derek said: Carter replicates A Princess of Mars (of course) with a plot arc traversing multiple books. Jandar of Callisto [Lin Carter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jandar of Callisto -pocket book. And Jandar of Callisto is pretty shameless. Published in , this novel tells the story of Jonathan Dark, who, while exploring the ruined city of.

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Jandar of Callisto is a science fantasy novel by American writer Lin Carterthe first in his Callisto series.

It was first published in paperback by Dell Books in Decemberand reprinted twice through September The first British edition was published by Orbit Books in It was later gathered together with Black Legion of Callisto into the omnibus collection Callisto: The story is told in the first person by the hero, Jonathan Dark, who jajdar represented to be its author. There he slides into a well made of a mysteriously slippery substance, which proves to be a device of unknown provenance that teleports him to cwllisto world.

caplisto Callisto is known to its inhabitants as Thanator. After nearly falling victim to a Yathib, one of the local predators, Dark is saved by a nomadic tribe of Yathoon, a race of intelligent insectoids.

Rescue proves a mixed blessing, as he is also enslaved. While with them he learns Thanator’s language, which is shared by Yathoon and human alike, and his captors learn his name, more or less.


Callisto series – Wikipedia

Escaping, he encounters a beautiful woman in peril. For Jandar, it’s love at first sight; she takes a bit longer to warm to him—three whole books, actually.

She is the princess Darloona, who has been exiled from her native city-state of Shondakar by the conquering Black Legion.

His attempts to aid her caolisto not very effective, and they fall into the hands of another tribe of Yathoon. They are delivered from this second captivity by the ov of an airship commanded by Thuton, prince of the city-state of Zanadar. The Zanadarians are ” Sky Pirates “—raiders who use the aerial technology they alone possess to abstract the possessions of others, in this instance Jandar and Darloona from the Yathoon. Thuton proves well-disposed to his fellow royal, but less so toward Jandar, who jealously goads him into a fight.

As the prince is a master of the sword and the earthman has never picked up that particular skill, the outcome is predictable—and humiliating. The upshot is that Dark is once again a slave, this time in Zanadar.


Jandar of Callisto (Callisto, book 1) by Lin Carter

In the Sky Pirates’ city he manages to escape again, learns to fence, and raises his fellow slaves in a rebellion against their oppressors. In a bid to rescue Darloona, he takes on Thuton a second time. His comrades, who have taken over one of the Zanadarians’ airships, are able to extract both him and the princess before he can be killed.


Fleeing the city, they jabdar Darloona to her people, the Ku Thad, who have been living in the jungles of the Grand Kumala since their exile from Shondakar. The celebration is short-lived, however, as the princess is shortly afterward carried off by a raiding party from the Black Legion.

Den Valdron, assessing the series in ERBzinecalls this book, along with the other two volumes in the series’s first trilogy, “quite good. It’s hardly deep, but it is fun. From Jaandar, the free encyclopedia.

Jandar Of Callisto

Jandar of Callisto Cover of the first edition. Works by Lin Carter.

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Callisto series

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Black Legion of Callisto.