A GAELIC BLESSING LYRICS by JOHN RUTTER: Deep peace of the running wave to you. / Deep peace of. A GAELIC BLESSING lyrics! Deep peace of the running wave to you. Deep peace of the flowing air to you. Deep peace of the. Musicians are a mischievous lot – as evidenced by the nickname ascribed to John Rutter’s A Gaelic Blessing. No sooner had it been composed in than it .

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John Rutter – A Gaelic Blessing Lyrics

It is rutteg known by the repeating first line of the text, “Deep peace”. Rutter, an Anglicanset many biblical texts for Christian services.

The format of the text is based in a similar format to that found in some Celtic Christian prayers and songs, such as those found in the Blessinh Scottish Gaelic collection, the Carmina Gadelica.

Rutter has said that his English-only composition is based on “an old Gaelic rune”, and that he added a line mentioning Jesus and the word Amen, to make it also a Christian anthem. The original, English-language piece that the central lines of Rutter’s piece are directly excerpted from, published in the novel, The Dominion of Dreams: Both Sharp’s and Rutter’s compositions begin every line with “deep peace”, and refer in a repetitive manner to the elements of nature, such as, “running wave”, “flowing air”, “quiet earth”, “shining stars”, “gentle night”, “healing light”, and in Rutter’s version to “Christ, light of the world”.


Rutter scored the piece for four vocal parts SATB and organor orchestra. The choir voices enter together, with the lower voices also moving slowly like the left hand a full measure for “Deep”, another one for “peace”while the soprano pronounces “peace” sooner and moves up in eighth-notes on “running wave”. The pattern is kept for most of the piece.

John Rutter: A Gaelic Blessing – Classic FM

Dynamically, the music begins softly pgrowing slightly to mp for the “shining stars”, and again later for “moon and stars”. A climax is “Christ”, marked crescendo to a strong f “light of the world” with all voices holding the word “light” for more than a measurebut diminuendo ruhter a very soft ending, with all voices and the accompaniment calming to slow movement.

The composition is characterized as slow-paced and of a gentle nature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved 3 July The Dominion of Dreams: Under the Dark Star.


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