Magicolor Magia del cambio de color (Spanish Edition) [Juan Tamariz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Libro de iniciación a la magia. Download Juan Tamariz – Magicolor Search. Home · Juan Tamariz – Magicolor. Juan Tamariz – Magicolor. April 12, | Author: Raul Barroso Sanchez. Results 1 – 30 of Truckycartomagia (Spanish Edition) by Juan Tamariz and a great selection Magicolor Magia del cambio de color (Spanish: Juan Tamariz.

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Aug 19, I just saw this routine the other day and it blew me away. Is this published in any of the literature? I love this routine in fact seeing this juam is what sparked my interest in magivolor and put me into the position I am in today. I hope it is released one day as I would love to perform this only packet trick I like and I cant have it luke.

Do a search on Youtube for Tamariz 4 blue cards. Im sure I read somewhere that this routine is called Oliver Mckenzies Tippsy cards. Would someone care to describe the presentation?

magcolor Cesar – did you mean it’s not published at all or just in english? Basically its just buckle counting around 8 or so cards as 4 repeatedly. When doing this cards turn one at the time face up, face down, faces change, backs change and so on.

It cant be examined and it screams “more than 4 cards”!!! In my mind one of those things that magician drool magicloor, but woudnt do much in real world. However it might pass unnoticed due to how it is routined. Those 8 maglcolor sure look like 4 though when he does it – it’s truly an amazing effect, and I have to know how to do it, haha.

It seems to me that daviaac is right about the cards being thinner. Does anyone know if such thin cards are available to buy anywhere? I’m pretty sure this is the presentation sohaib is referring to. Aug 20, In fact the game is called The Nine Cards las nueve cartas and you magiicolor found it published in the book called Magicolor by Juan Tamariz too. Tannen’s “Gamble Amble” was a copy.


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Korttihai said “In my mind one of those juaan that magician drool over, but woudnt do much in real world. It has been used on TV successfully a few times. It’s interesting that Tamariz was reported as using thinner cards by Daviaac above, in this thread. Spanish cards are a magciolor thinner anyway. But whether these are a special even thinner card is interesting. I noticed recently Magic Makers lets not start another bashing session, I’m simply imparting information put out a version of the effect.

What I didn’t know until it came up in conversation with Martini, was that extra thin cards were being used. I’m told he won ‘Card trick of the year’ with it at the Magic Circle, London, in In my version, kindly mentioned by Juha in the thread, I use eight normal cards for the 4 blue cards segment, in close up on a regular basis, this is not a problem but does lead to a ‘can I look at those cards’ situation which thinner cards would not resolve.

Anyone using this effect in close-up should use Vernon’s handling of the buckle count.

Aug 21, Thanks for all the info guys – I appreciate it. I found the effect that Magic Makers released and ordered it – it’s called Unknown Cards, and it’s the same as the Tamagiz effect with a very minor exception – Tamariz shows a Joker in the middle of the routine, and ends the routine showing a total of 6 different backs.

In Unknown Cards, you don’t show the Joker, and you finish the routine showing a total of 5 different backs. Juan is the king of presentation to fit whatever trick he’s doing. I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing the ‘dump’ at the end and getting away with it.


Juan tamariz –

Aug 22, I hope it is taamariz one day as I would love to perform this only packet trick I like and I cant have it luke – the secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. Steve James Veteran user Posts. Tony Tuccillo Phoenix, AZ. HE makes the tamwriz. Yeah, sorry, my fault I sometimes forget that English isn’t my mother tongue when I talk to you, guys. What I meant was that it isn’t published in English. Actually I believe magicollr the only place where there’s a written description of it as angelilliks pointed out is on page 79 of a little book called “Magicolor.

Magia del cambio de color” published way back in and, unfortunately for you, in Spanish. For those interested, Juan says in the book that he believes the effect is Fred Kaps’ “There’s a world of difference between the spectators not knowing how something is done and them knowing that it can’t be done.

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Paul Inner circle A good lecturer at your service! MueCard Inner circle Posts.

Chris SD Special user Posts. If you think people don’t want to see the cards when he’s finished or don’t suspect that he’s using “trick cards”, you’re out of your mind. Abiloko New user Barcelona Spain 55 Posts. Biro is right, and if you never see Tamariz in live performance, you don’t know how the people react, and believe me, nobody ask about the cards used. This page was created in 0.