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Activates the night mode.

It never releases the drivers from their duties to drive carefully and to make own judgement in road traffic. This is inevitable and amnual not malfunction. To add via points After guidance has started Favourite Deletes all favourite points. What if I miss a turn? The System calculates a new route quickly and guides you to the destination.

C To delete the registration A confirmation message appears. In particular, the Navigation System cannot be used as an aid to orientation when kkw-nt1 is poor.

Switches to another station broadcasting the same programme. Show, Hide Vehicle Icon Select the icon for your current mnual. The station selected in step 1 is manua. Changes the destination to the selected position. To select your home To select a favourite point 2 3 Edit the jvv.

If there is a station broadcasting a programme of the same PTY code as you have selected, that station is tuned in. Touch the buttons on the touch panel with your finger directly if you are wearing a glove, take it off. Reset the calibration data in the following cases: You need to make the installation settings next time you turn on the power or detach the monitor panel then attach it. To hide the monitor setting bars, perform one of the followings: Goes off To deactivate, press [Off] in step 3.


Manual Operating buttons appear on the screen when you approach a traffic event. To display the information screen again, press [Select].

JVC KW-NT1 manual

Underlined Menu items Selectable settings Display One Way Select whether to show or hide the information of one way road on the k-wnt1. To hide the AV control bars, perform one of the followings: At all times, the driver must decide whether or not to heed the information provided.

The more precies your question is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user. The Navigation System serves solely as an aid to navigation.

JVC KW-NT1 Instructions Manual

This Navigation System must only be used for its intended purpose. The traffic alert indication also disappears if you do not confirm the rerouting in one minute. To deactivate it, press [Off].

By using the ‘Select a language’ button, you can choose kw-bt1 language of the manual you want to view.

Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology DVD/CD/USB/SD Nav – KW-NT1 – Introduction

Edits the information of a position. Selecting a preset station Band The station frequency you want to preset Also changes preset stations Listeningtotheradio You can preset six channels for each band.

Wide Subject to the interference from adjacent stations, but sound quality will not be degraded and the stereo effect will remain. In this case, observe the current traffic signs or regulations. Changing route options 1 Select a destination.


Speed Alert The System sounds an alarm when you surpass the speed limit of the current road by the set value. Modifies the route options. Off, Normal, Prompt, A. Moves up the order of selected point [ ]: If no POI is found in this area, the System expands the area to search.

The actual road signs and traffic regulations must therefore always be observed. To optimise the sequence To rearrange the sequence manually [ ]: Wait until signal reception is completed. A confirmation message appears.

To prevent accidents and damage Cautions on the monitor: Caution on volume setting: Priority Select the priority for route calculation Fastest: The traffic information sent by a TMC radio station is received and analyzed by the System.

Searchingforaplace Selects the centre of the city Then, go to step 5.

The present licence does not authorise the granting of sublicenses. Navigation System is only an aid.

JVC Automobile Parts KW-NT1 User Guide |

If you need to operate the unit while driving, be sure to look around carefully. Driver must always decide whether or not to heed the information provided. Local FM stations with the strongest signals are searched and stored automatically in the FM band.