This instruction manual is used to describe models listed above. Model availability and . JVCKENWOOD ezennel kijelenti, hogy a „KW-VBT/. KW- VBT“. JVC KW-NX • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. FREE 2-day Shipping: JVC’s KW-NX double-sized DVD receiver fits perfectly in the double-sized dash opening in many popular cars. You get DVD and.

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Zum Abbrechen der Displaydemonstration siehe Seite 9. For installation and connections, refer to the separate manual. Thank you for purchasing a JVC product. Please read all instructions carefully before operation, to ensure your complete understanding and to obtain the best possible performance from the unit. Do not open the top cover.

There are no user serviceable parts inside the unit; leave all servicing to qualified service personnel. Every time you turn on the unit or attach the monitor Cautions on the monitor: Pay sufficient attention when operating with high precision, but it may have some the unit and make sure of safe driving.

For details on the touch panel operations, see each section. Features of the illumination Monitor panel buttons The lights of the monitor panel buttons are always The monitor panel is released. Initial settings Installation settings When you turn on the unit for the first time, the initial setup screen appears. Follow the procedure below and make the necessary settings.

In this manual, English indications are used for the purpose of explanation. You can select the indication language. You can also kw-bx7000 these settings through the menu screens as follows: Canceling demonstration You can cancel k-nx7000 demonstration on the screen.

Turn on the power. Bayern Radio Pop Music Switches to the AV screen. Shows the disc menu. Shows the Original Program screen. The following steps are one of the fundamental procedures. Some of the settings mnual not open the Setup sub-setting window, but just selecting an option will Demonstration Metal Wall Paper change the setting.

It is forbidden to extract or make further use always be followed. Basic operations The map scrolls automatically so that your position is always at the centre of the map.

To change the map scale To scroll the map Touch the screen to display the operating buttons. The position you touched is centred on the map. Editing information A To edit the name. Select a registered point you want to edit. To delete all registered items To go home When you have registered your home, you can easily get guided to home. Deletes your home On the remote: Deletes all favourite points On the map screen only A confirmation message appears.


To cancel guidance A confirmation message appears. Press [Yes] to confirm the operation. Press [No] to cancel. Setting a destination using the Destination Menu Goes to your home.

Changing route options You can modify your route options each time before you Manhal the iw-nx7000. Place maunal cursor on your destination. Priority Select the priority for route calculation fastest route or shortest Enter the street name, then select from the Enter the house number, then select from list.

Searches from all sub-categories You can search for a POI around the place where you are now. If you press more than once, the map scrolls.

To display above screen again, press [Select]. Enter jvcc city name, then select from the list. Select a POI from the list. Alphabetical order Searches from all sub-categories [Distance]: Enter the postcode, then select from the list.

When selecting centre of the city, go to step 5.

From previous destinations Enter the house number, then select from the list. Select a favourite point from the list. You can assign a POI category to each button. When you press one of the buttons, the System searches for a POI of the registered category within about 20 km around your current position. To register a category to the buttons Select one of the [Quick Search] buttons to register the category.

Select a category, then a sub-category of the POI. The search for the selected category starts to register it to the [Quick Search] button. Not the lane for the destination Current street Route to take green. Guidance at turns When you approach a turn, the System guides you with voice guidance and indications on the screen.

JVC KW-NX7000 User Manual

The voice guides you several times as you approach the turn. Displays entire route [Dest. Displays information of the destination To add via points After guidance has started Select a place you want to stop by. Avoiding a congestion ahead Change the sequence of via points. To optimise the sequence If you realize a congestion exists ahead To rearrange the sequence manually [Move Up]: Moves up the order of selected point [Move Down]: As the TMC information is transmitted by radio stations, JVC cannot assume responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the information.


Checking the TMC information Select a list, then a traffic alert. Manuak all the information [On Route]: Lists the information on your route Details of the selected alert are displayed. Navigation menu items Destination Menu Menu items Selectable settings, [reference page] Start guidance to the home. Function Menu The procedure for setting an item is shown on page Menu items Selectable settings, [reference page] Drive You can check your drive information: Function Menu —Map Settings Initial: Underlined Menu items Selectable settings, [reference page] Priority Fastest: The System calculates the shortest journey time.

The System calculates the shortest route to the destination. Motorway Select nvc to use or avoid these types of roads to go to the destination. The procedure for setting an item is shown on page Select this to update your map database using an SD card.

JVC KW-NX User Manual | 6 pages | Original mode

Press [Cancel] to cancel the operation. The route is not 9 Altitude of your current position always the most appropriate one. Manuao icons vary among the sources. Listening to kw-nx77000 radio Preset no. You can preset six stations kw-nx7000 each band. Manual presetting Selecting a preset station Ex.: Storing FM station of Tune in to a station you want to preset.

Select a PTY code. Disc operations The disc type is automatically detected, then playback starts for some discs, the top menu of the disc appears. If a disc does not have any disc menu, all tracks on it will be played repeatedly kw-nz7000 you change the source or eject the disc.

Playable disc types Disc type Recording format, file type, etc. While playing the following discs, press DISP. Operation buttons on the screen You can display the following operation buttons while watching the playback pictures on the screen. Selecting playback modes You can use the following playback modes—Repeat or Random.

To select Track Repeat When one of the playback modes is selected, the corresponding indicator lights up on the source information screen. Disc type Repeat Random Track File Lists, then start playback.