Licensed Transmitter 08 User manual details for FCC ID PY7AF made by Sony Mobile Communications Inc. Document Includes User Manual. by sony ericsson,sony ericsson ki user manual pdf – wrnw sony ericsson k user manual manualsbasecom, our goal is to provide. Sony Ericsson Ki User Manual. [Read Online] Sony Ericsson Ki User Manual. Sony Ericsson Wi eBay. December 3rd, – Find great deals on.

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This is the Internet version of the user’s guide. Sony Ericsson Ki Connectivity Sony Ericsson at any time and without notice. Such changes will, however, be incorporated into new editions of this user guide. Customer shall not modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt, extract, or otherwise reverse engineer Software. Software may not be leased, assigned, manhal sublicensed, in whole or in part. Some functions use more battery power than others and may cause a need for more frequent re-charging.

If talk time or standby time becomes noticeably shorter, you may have to replace the battery. Only use approved batteries from Sony K7900i 86 Battery. Slide the SIM card into its holder with the contacts facing down.

Insert the battery with the label side up and the connectors facing each other. Slide the battery cover into place. You may be asked to register your k70i at Sony Ericsson. I790i you accept to register your phone, no personal data, such as your phone number, will be transferred to or processed by Sony Ericsson.

Help in your Phone Help and information mqnual available in your phone at any time. Getting to Know the Phone Phone overview, icons, menus, entering letters, activity menu, file manager, memory card. Phone overview Some icons on keys may differ. Getting to Know the Phone This is the Internet version of the user’s guide. Ear speaker Photo key: K90i The main menus are shown as icons. Some submenus include tabs. Scroll to a tab by pressing the navigation key left or right and selecting an option.

Go to the main menus or to select highlighted items. L790i through the menus and tabs. Select options shown immediately above these keys on the screen. Press a number key and Press for shortcuts when browsing shortcuts or access keys. Turn off the ringtone when receiving a call. Press and hold to set the phone to silent.

The alarm signals even if the phone is set to silent. View status information in standby. Status Bar Some of the icons that may appear: GSM network signal strength. Battery charging, appears with battery status icon.


Phone Language Select the language to use in the phone menus or when writing text. In standby, you can also press for automatic language. Select an application to return to it or press to end it.


When you select a shortcut 7k90i the application opens, other programs are closed or minimized. File manager menu tabs The file manager is divided into three tabs, and icons are included to indicate where the files are saved. Calling Calls, contacts, voice control, call options. Making and Receiving Calls Before you can make or receive any calls, you must turn on your phone and be within range of a network.

Networks Manal you turn on the phone, it automatically selects your home network if this is within range. Do not hold the phone to your ear when using the manuxl.

This could damage your hearing. To change the ear speaker volume Press to increase or decrease the ear speaker volume Default contact Phone Contacts is selected as default, your contacts show all the information saved in Contacts. Below you can see how to: Scroll to the relevant tab and select the field to edit Edit. K7990i you add contacts with pictures to speed dial positions, the contact pictures appear for easy reference 22 To add a picture, ringtone sound or video to a phone contact.

Caller name Hear your recorded contact name when you receive a call from that contact. To deactivate a call forward Scroll to the forward option Deactivate. More than One Call Handle more than one k79i simultaneously. Call waiting service When this is activated you hear a beep if you receive a second call.

Repeat steps to add more participants. Restricted Dialing Restrict outgoing and incoming calls. A password from your service provider is required.

If you forward incoming calls, you cannot activate some restrict calls options.

The following calls can be restricted: Call Time and Cost During a call, nanual duration of the call is shown. You can check the duration of your last call, outgoing calls and the total time of your calls. Repeat step 3 to add more numbers or email addresses. If the service center number is saved on the SIM card it is shown.

Unlocking Instructions for SonyEricsson Ki Cybershot

When you have read the text message options or press message. To call a number in a text message Select the phone number displayed in the message, Check with your service provider for the maximum number of messages that can be linked. Templates for text messages Add a new template or save a message as a template in your phone 33 To save a message.

If no Internet profile or message server exists, you can receive all the settings for MMS automatically from your service provider or from www. Before sending a picture message, you can check: Voice Messages Send and receive a sound recording as a voice message.

The sender and receiver must have a subscription supporting picture messaging. My Friends Connect and log in to the My friends server to communicate online with your favorite friends. If your subscription supports instant messaging and presence services, you can send and receive messages and see contact status if online. If no settings exist in your phone, you need to enter server settings. Chat group A chat group can be started by your service provider, by an individual My friends user or by yourself.


You can save chat groups by saving a chat invitation or by searching for a specific chat group. Imaging Camera, video, blog, pictures. Camera and Video Recorder Take pictures and record video clips to save, view and send in messages.

If you try to record with a strong light source such as direct sunlight or a lamp in the background, the screen may black out or the picture may be distorted. A text message is sent to your phone with your Web address and log-in information. You can forward the text message for others to access your Web page photos.

To send pictures to a blog Press right photo key to go directly to Camera Album Manager Remove the memory card from your phone and insert it into the memory card slot in your printer.

Sony Ericsson K790i Manuals

Follow instructions that may appear on the printer and in printer documentation. Pictures and Video Clips View and use pictures and video clips. Handling pictures View, add, edit or delete pictures in the file manager. Kk790i phones do not support pictures sizes more than x On a computer, view size x To save a picture in a message manusl To save an item in a text message or 36 To save an item in a picture message or Stereo Portable Handsfree To use the i790i Connect the stereo portable handsfree to your phone to use it for calls, listening to music, videos or the radio.

If you receive a call and are playing music, music stops for you to answer. Use Disc2Phone to transfer music from CDs or your computer to the phone memory or a memory card in your phone.

Before you start The following are minimum operating system requirements for using Disc2Phone on your computer Browsing files Browse music files and video clips: In user-created playlists only the reference to the file is removed.

In the Tracks file is permanently mnaual from the memory.

To listen to the radio Connect the handsfree to your phone Radio. Saving radio channels Save up to 20 preset channels. Before you start If required settings are not in your phone 60 Settings.

Your phone bill or prepay card is debited when a purchase is accepted. A melody consists of four types of tracks — Drums, Basses, Chords, and Accents.