definicion de quinesiología. 2. que es quinesiología. 3. quinesiología diccionario. 4 -*Kine. quinesia. -*kinesia. quinesiología. -*Kinesiología. quinto mundo. Así como los otros elementos de la kinesia la expresión facial y la mirada también dan a conocer lo que la persona quiere decir DEFINICION EN EL ESTADIO. El ecosistema urbano, definición, alcance y oportunidad. del comportamiento ofrecen, fundamentalmente del fenómeno de la kinesia paradojal.

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The optimization of electric motors repair techniques as a mean for electric energy defimicion La optimizacion de las tecnicas de reparacion de motores electricos como un medio para ahorrar energia electrica. This paper presents, in a very concise, which are the techniques kinezia optimize the electric motors repair made by the Fideicomiso para el Ahorro de Energia Electrica FIDEthe loss of efficiency that might exist after repairing an electric motoras well as the procedures to perform an optimum reparation of the electric motors.

Furthermore, some recommendations are given for the selection of an adequate rewinding shop to guarantee that the motor does not suffer efficiency losses after its repair. Asimismo, se proporcionan algunas recomendaciones para seleccionar un taller de reembobinado adecuado para garantizar que el motor no sufra perdidas de eficiencia despues de su reparacion.

Behavior of high efficiency electric motors ; Comportamiento de motores electricos de alta eficiencia.

The energy efficiency is one of the main parameters in the design of the industrial motors of general purpose; nevertheless, it is avoided that it is at the cost of the reliability or to the global performance of the motor.

Exist user groups of this equipment that consider that, in the search of a greater efficiency, the useful life period is diminished and the characteristics of operation of the motor are affected.

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During the past last years, the author has studied the aspects of quality and reliability, as well as the operative advantages of the high efficiency motors and written down the increasing interest for these aspects. Also he has detected that a great number of users has realized that, additionally to the obvious energy saving, the efficient motor offers a greater kinessia and a longer useful life in most of the industrial applications. The objective kinesua this article is to present the differences in the quality levels, reliability and operation parameters of high efficiency squirrel cage type electrical motors with those of the motors of standard manufacture.

Existen grupos de usuarios de estos equipos que consideran que, en la busqueda de una mayor eficiencia, se disminuye el periodo de vida util y se afectan las caracteristicas de operacion del motor.

Durante los ultimos anos, el autor ha estudiado los aspectos de calidad y confiabilidad, asi como las ventajas operativas de los motores de alta eficiencia y anotado el incremento del interes por estos aspectos.

Tambien ha detectado que un gran numero de usuarios se ha dado cuenta que, adicionalmente a los obvios ahorros de energia, el kinnesia eficiente ofrece una mayor confiabilidad y una vida util mas larga en la mayoria de las aplicaciones industriales. El objetivo de este.

Procedure for the energy evaluation of electric motors ; Procedimiento para la evaluacion energetica de motores electricos. The present article is not a complete treaty about motorshere it is simply tried to show a practical procedure to evaluate electric motorsin order to determine the economics of their possible replacement by others kineeia high efficiency.

With the former in mind, the included database is sustained in the information of a representative number of motors brands commercialized in Mexico, since to include all the brands sold in our country would not be defniicion and it would defimicion outside the scope of this publication.

kinesia definicion pdf file

Por lo anterior, la base de datos incluida se sustente en la informacion de un numero representativo de marcas de motores comercializados en Mexico, ya que abarcar todas las marcas vendidas en nuestro pais no seria practico y quedaria fuera del alcance de esta publicacion.

Selection of electric motors for industrial processes with the rational energy use criteria; Seleccion de motores electricos para procesos industriales con criterios de uso racional de la energia.

Under the energy and ecological definiciom we are now going through, but fundamentally because as human beings we can not keep on acting in such a thoughtless way, I write these notes, with the intention that we take more into consideration that whatever we do to improve the ways of energy consumption, will ease the human life preservation.


The electric motors selection, plays an important roll definkcion this respect, since it represents the highest percentage of electric energy consumption at national level. Therefore I will point out some basic defjnicion for an adequate selection. La seleccion de motores electricosjuega un importante papel al respecto, ya que representa el mayor porcentaje del consumo de energia electrica a nivel nacional, por kijesia tanto senalare algunos criterios basicos para una adecuada seleccion.

Comparative analysis of energy economy among kinesa types of electric motor driving; Analise comparativa de economia de energia entre diferentes tipos de acionamento de motores electricos.

The application of controlled drives loads of small power can cause undesirable disturbances for electrical installations, but it brings some benefits when comparing the energy consumption that this application has on its regular period of operation.

This study analyses using comparatives, the electrical economy using the different types of drives for three phase electric induction motors of low voltage. Qualification of electric motors class 1E for supply of motors kinesa its repair; Calificacion de motores electricos clase 1E definiicon el suministro de motores alternativos a los orginales y su reparacion.

Different original suppliers of nuclear grade equipment have either disappeared or discontinued the manufacture of this kind equipment. Under this situation nuclear plants are experiencing difficulties when dealing with the substitution or maintenance of these equipment.

Tecnatom and Cantarey have developed a new line of Class 1E qualified electric low voltage motors which can be used as an alternative to originally installed safety-related motors or for its repair and maintenance. Design of very high speed electric generators;Diseno de generadores electricos de muy alta velocidad de giro. This work approaches the design process of an electric generator suitable for running efficiently at high speed, driven by a turbo shaft.

The axial flux concept was used. For the mechanical design of the prototype, cooling capacity and mounting method were considered, looking for simplicity of the parts evolved. Neodymium-iron-boron permanent magnets were used as magnetic source.

For the electrical design, a calculation tool was developed in order to predict the prototype electrical parameters and optimize its geometry. The goal was to obtain 1 kW of electric power at a speed ofrpm. The efficiency and electrical behaviour of the prototype were characterized at speeds between 2, rpm and 30, rpm and then the behaviour at the design condition was predicted by obtaining an equivalent electric circuit. Eddy current effects were not recognized. Increase of the internal resistance and decree of inductance were observed kineia raising the electric frequency.

Finally, an electronic system was developed in order to use the prototype as a c. Global performance was measured according to different supply characteristic. An optimum supply voltage was found. Se utilizo el concepto de flujo axial. En el diseno mecanico del prototipo se considero la capacidad de refrigeracion y la forma de montaje particular del conjunto, buscando la simplicidad de sus minesia.

Se utilizaron imanes permanentes de Neodimio-Hierro-Boro como fuente magnetica. Para el diseno electrico se genero una herramienta de calculo que permitio estimar los parametros electricos del prototipo y optimizar su geometria. Se busco obtener 1kW de potencia electrica a una velocidad de Se caracterizo el rendimiento y el. Control optimo de par para maquinas SynRM aplicadas a vehiculo definiciln.

El control optimo de estas maquinas incluyendo operacion en debilitamiento de campo puede resultar complejo, ya que estas son, por lo general, muy sensibles al fenomeno de la saturacion magnetica. En este articulo se trata su control, desde los reguladores hasta el prec Methodology for electrical studies in industrial networks including the study of electric arc; Metodologia para los estudios electricos en redes industriales incluyendo el estudio de arco electrico.

This article presents a methodology for conducting electrical studies in industrial networks.

The methodology included the study of arc flash as a very important area of current basic electrical iknesia, such as power flow, short circuit and coordination. At work we used a distribution network for industrial type test. The studies were carried out using a commercial program for the analysis of electrical networks. En la metodologia se incluye al estudio de arco electrico como un area muy importante de los estudios electricos basicos actuales, como: El objetivo de dicho estudio es determinar el Equipo de Definiciion Personal EPP apropiado y los limites de proteccion kinesua el personal que opera con o cerca de equipo energizado, con base en las normas IEEE Std.

En el trabajo se utilizo una red de distribucion tipo industrial de prueba. Los estudios se llevaron a cabo utilizando un programa comercial para el analisis de redes definicoon. Directory of Open Cefinicion Journals Sweden. Computer electric design of synchronous generators; Diseno electrico de generadores sincronos por computadora.


In this article are presented, in a conceptual manner the main elements that participate in the electric design of synchronous generators. Also, other options are presented for computers utilization as a design support.

Afterwards, a computer program developed by the Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas IIE for the electric design of projecting poles generators is presented, oriented towards obtaining their electro-magnetic dimensioning.

Finally, with the purpose of validating this program, the results obtained in a specific case, are presented.

Cómo influye el lenguaje corporal en el proceso de venta

Tambien se plantean otras opciones para utilizar las computadoras como apoyo de diseno. Posteriormente, se describe un programa de computo desarrollado en el Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas IIE para el diseno electrico de generadores de polos salientes, orientado a obtener su dimensionamiento electromagnetico.

Por ultimo, con el proposito de validar este programa, se presentan los resultados obtenidos en un caso particular. Expansion plan of the electrical sector; Plan de expansion del sector electrico. An analysis of the Mexican electrical market in the year as far as sales of electrical energy and types of users who utilized that energy, is presented. In addition, an analysis is made of the options for the future supply, where the installed electrical capacity in Mexico in is described.

Also the requirements of additional capacity of power generation, from year to year are analyzed. Finally an expansion plan of the transmission network of the Mexican electrical system is described.

Se hace un analisis ademas, de las opciones para la oferta futura, donde se describe la capacidad electrica instalada de Mexico en Tambien se analizan los requerimientos de capacidad adicional de generacion de al Finalmente se describe un plan de expansion de la red de transmision del sistema electrico mexicano. Patlan Frausto, Jose O. Mezclas etanol-gasolina como combustible de motores de encendido por chispa. A main jet the carburator was used for each fuel to obtaining its stoichiometric air-fuel ratio.

The main jet diameter was enlarged times from gasoline to ethanol. The optimun advance timings were respectively 6, 6, 10, 14, 18 and BTOC. In the last test, the engine was set at the optimun advance timing for each fuel. All the fuels performed in the same way. They followed the s e characteristic curves for power, torque, specific fuel consumption and efficiency with the following differences from gasoline to straight ethanol: Industrial manufacturing of electric insulators; Fabricacion industrial de aisladores electricos.

Porcelain is the insulating material more extensively used for electric insulators manufacturing, due to its dielectric properties; nevertheless, it presents fragility problems of manufacture and of resistance to the thermal shock, among others.

For this reason studies are being conducted for the substitution of porcelain in the electric insulators manufacturing. In this area, the Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas developed an improved insulating formulation – the polymeric concrete- and an industrial prototype machine for the manufacture of high voltage electric insulators for outdoors use. Es por ello que se realizan estudios para sustituir la porcelana en la fabricacion de aisladores electricos.

En este campo, el Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas desarrollo una formulacion aislante mejorada -el concreto polimerico- y una maquina prototipo industrial para fabricar aisladores electricos de alto voltaje para uso en exteriores.

Reasoning based in cases applied to diagnosis of electric generators; Razonamiento basado en casos aplicado al diagnostico de generadores electricos. De la Torre Vega, H. The development of a system for the diagnosis of electrical generators that apply techniques of artificial intelligence, is presented, as it is the reasoning based on cases, to support the work of the diagnosis engineer.

This system is part of a system called CADIS, dedicated to the diagnosis of electrical generators out of line and reason of previous articles.

In this occasion the characteristics of the reasoning module based on experiences SirBE are emphasized, indicating how to make a diagnosis using similar cases and how to edit the system base of experience, using the interactive editor of cases.

It is included, in addition, a summarized example which represents a case for SirBE and how the system helps to make a diagnosis. Este sistema es parte de un sistema denominado CADIS, dedicado al diagnostico de generadores electricos fuera de linea y motivo de articulos anteriores.