Lajwanti Rajinder Singh Bedi Pdf Free by Alaysbene, released 06 October Lajwanti Rajinder Singh Bedi Pdf Free > proud (take as a. Lajwanti by Rajinder Singh Bedi – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Scribd is the world’s largest. Rajinder Singh Bedi (bio). Translated by Alok Bhalla (bio). Do not touch lajwanti, for she will curl up and die. Punjabi folk song. The carnage of the Partition was.

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Sundarlal, an abusive husband whose own wife went missing during the conflict, actively campaigns for the repatriation of abducted women but is taken aback by the unsettling emotional transformations that attend the acceptance of his own wife back into his home. Bedi raises the problem of silence—the inability of survivors and perpetrators of violence to talk about what happened—which is a common theme in partition literature. In any event, the stark emotional landscape of partition violence is chillingly captured in this remarkable short story by a leading writer of the generation that lived rajindet it.

Hundreds of thousands of Hindu women were abducted by Muslin and vice-versa. Many of the women killed themselves from shame. He was educated in Urdu. In his early working career he was a postal clerk. Later on he got a job at All India Radio. It was there he began his writing career. It will be for his 72 short stories that he is remembered. It is also a story about human cruelty.


Not just the cruelty of the abductors but of the husbands and family of the abducted women.

Lajwanti – Rajinder Singh Bedi – Department of English

As the story opens we see Lajawanti expects to be beaten. It is part of the marriage custom and it almost seems a wife regards a husband who never beats her as “unmanly”. Then she is abducted and taken over the border. Years go by and her husband tries to get along with his life. In time Pakistan and India authorities begin to arrange for bwdi swapping of abducted women.

A truck load of Hindu women would be exchanged for a truck load of Muslim women. There were lots of problems and quarrels over this. Sometimes men of one side managing the exchange would complain that all they are getting back rajindeg “useless old and middle aged women”.

Project MUSE – Lajwanti

The real cruelty to the women in many cases came when they returned. Hundreds of thousands of women had in fact killed themselves rather than be dishonoured And some of these women would think sadly of their names and the joyful meanings they had Many days passed in this way.


Suspicion took the place of Joy: Lajo never expected him to be so considerate. She wanted him to be the same old Sunder Lal with whom she quarrelled over a carrot and who appeased her with a radish.

Now there was no chance of a quarrel.

Sunder Lal made her feel like something fragile, like glass which would splinter at the slightest touch. Lajo bedu to gazing at herself in the mirror. Arid in the end she could no longer recognise the Lajo she had known.

TV adaptation of Rajinder Singh Bedi’s ‘Lajwanti’ launched

She had been rehabilitated but not accepted. Sunder Lal did not want eyes to see her tears nor ears to hear her wailing. Share slngh Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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