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I’ve always only seen this set in those little catalogues that used to come with sets or more recently on sites like Brickset.

The set looked appealing to me and after lgeo 18 years I’ve finally been able to get myself a MISB copy of it. Read on to find out all there is to know about the often overlooked Fire Breathing Fortressthe largest set in the Dragon Knights theme.

BricksetPeeronBricklinkBrickshelf. The front of the box depicts the fortress on some sort of very high mountain top. This is set against a lovely orange and yellow sky as we can see far off into the distance.

Note the emblem at the top right – while the theme is commonly known as Dragon Knights, the box refers to them as Dragon Masters. Missing from the front of the box is the set name, piece count and age recommendation. Instruvtions set name is found on the top of the box while the piece count is found istructions the bottom.

There is a warning that the small parts are not suitable for children under 3 years of age, however there is no other age recommendation present!

As expected for a set of this time, the back of the box is host to an assortment of alternate models. Some of these are actually pretty decent, shame there are no instructions for them.

My favorite feature of these old boxes is the front flap that can be lifted up. The pictures highlight several of the play functions of the set. Also present is a small motivational set up story for the instructiions. Under the flap are some clear plastic windows that allow you to see some of ldgo contents of the box.

The window to the left displays a number of interesting and exciting parts. The other window shows off some bagged parts. Sliding the cardboard tray out of the box gives us a better view of its contents. Thanks to this style of box everything is nicely packed and nothing gets damaged. The plastic on the display tray has started to instruvtions away but no harm has come to instductions parts. Safely tucked away underneath everything is all the paper work.

Here we’ve got a poster, the instruction manual, a subscription offer to the magazine of instductions time, a flyer advertising some sets, and a lovely cloth flag.

Instructions for 6082-1 – Fire Breathing Fortress

The back of the instruction manual has a slightly different picture than on the front, and at one corner is a points token that could be cut off and used to help qualify for the Lego club of the time. Here are two random pages from the instruction manual. Sometimes there would be arrows that point out where parts go if the view is obscured.


The page to the right shows one of the few sub-models. As mentioned, the pace of the build is very fast – there are a lot of parts added every step and you have to pay close attention to spot where they go sometimes. I personally think this makes the build a lot more fun and it also allows the manual to be a minuscule 26 pages long. Colour differentiation is a no brainer as they’re all perfectly represented.

Some parts appear in multiple colours, but identifying the proper one to use is never a problem. I miss manuals like these The set also comes with a beautiful fold out poster. This thing measures approx.

Here are the contents from the display tray. Printed parts include the lovely wall and arch as well as the scroll. We’ve also got the head knight and his amazing cape, Majisto the wizard and his beard and glow in the dark wand, the dragon’s torso, the distinct red roof, and some other stuff. The set contains seven bags of parts. Loose in the box were two LURPsa rare stair pieceand a 1×16 beam. The contents of panel 1 were loose in the box same as abovewhile were the largest bags.

They contain many arch pieces of varying sizes, wall pieces, turret tops in two sizes, some plant life, other large bricks, some minifig torsos, dragon limbs, a horse, and some accessories.

LEGO Fire Breathing Fortress Instructions , Castle

Not a bad little castle building kit. The four physically smallest bags are stuffed full of more pieces. The fortress comes with three “generic” soldiers. These guys are admittedly pretty cool though. The printing on the torso is really nice – the big belt and dragon head look great. The red, blue, grey, and black colour scheme is simple but eye catching.

All three figs have the same head, but thanks to the different weapon and helmet instductions they all seem unique. The pimped out guy on the left has an interesting torso print with metallic shoulder armour.

He has a large helmet with three small holes to allow those yellow accessories to be attached. Note his lovely bright shield and cape.

In the middle is the infamous Majisto along with his glow in the dark wand and crystal ball. To the right is the lone wolfpack minifigure.

None of the minifigures have back printing as such as technique wasn’t instruuctions at the time. Here are some extra shots of the awesome uber knight and his sweet cape.

Lego set 6082 Castle Fire breathing fortress

The Dragon Knights theme introduced the dragon figure. His mouth, arms, tail, and wings can all be repositioned. Studs on his back allow a minifigure or anything else to be attached.

The set also includes a horse. He can carry around some flags and a weapon. Note his dragon-esq head protection. As with most sets that are built on one of these raised baseplates, you start the build by placing supports around at the back.


A support is also placed in the large pit. These allow the fortress to have greater floorspace. This is literally 2 steps later. As you can see, the build progresses quite quickly. At this point the base has been rotated around as well. At the back we can see a low wall has been built. Note the two hinge pieces – a secret wall will later attach onto these.

The main doors have been added. At the back the prison is being built. The first of two LURPs has been put in place. Everything has been built up some more, many large arches have been added. At the back some red roofing has been put in place. A treasure chest is filled with some rubies and emeralds.

This fits in nicely at the base of either LURP.

The dragon can fit nicely in the pit and protect the treasure. The trap door at the top of the fortress is built. It is instrudtions built out of a couple technic beams, a plate, and some pins, but it works very well. The rest of the roof plates are added, as are the turret pieces.

There is a lot of floor place on this level. Here is another view of the roof, this time the supports for the tower have been placed. Tucked away in there is a small fireplace. The tower is a sub model that is then placed accordingly. The lower black round 1×1 is the top of a chimney, while the top one will soon hold a flag pole. Doesn’t it look nice?

Review: Fire Breathing Fortress – LEGO Historic Themes – Eurobricks Forums

Around at the back of the fortress is the prison. In this case the sneaky wolfpack figure can be locked up. The cell is pretty cramped, but one can’t really expect a medieval prison to be very comfy.

There is an entire brick built bar underneath the trap door that normally keeps it up and flush with the rest of the second story. Pull the bar back and the giant trap door drops. You could drop an entire army or guys 6802 this thing! Down to the dragon below! The dragon head is filled with four grey 1×1 bricks that are sitting on the tongue. Instructkons is a spear that runs through the side of the dragons head that keeps the tongue level and in place.

When you pull the spear our, the tongue can then drop down and released the “boulders” upon unsuspecting intruders. Majisto can stand up in his tower and cast spells on those below. There is no ladder up to the tower, but we all know ladders are a rarity among Lego structures. Besides, Majisto is a wizard, he can just used magic to get up there.