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Bo on Apr 1. Write the verb in the right form 1. A lot of birds Hes very naughty he Choose one verb to make each sentence negative e. It doesnt snow very often in San Francisco snow, sing, play 1.

I like football, but I She lives in Japan, but she He works in New York, but I Marys really tired, but she Im the right man for their daughter. Fill in the blanks with the verbs in the present continuous tense 1.

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Rewrite the sentences in the negative. Use the present continuous 1. A Write the questions. The Oxford bus stop here. The teachers know her. You play the piano.

Complementra work in a restaurant. We need more eggs. Peter speak English well.

We agree about most things. Alan and John live near me. My father write novels. John fly to NY every Monday. My father teach English. My boss think youre wonderful. She try to go skiing every winter. Ann read the newspaper. You look very beautiful today. Vomplementar play a lot of football this year.


We wait for a phone call. He listen to me. She wear a coat. They learn very much.

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You eat bread these days. Your boyfriend enjoy the concert. We go too fast. The children make something.

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Bill write something on the wall. I cook rice tonight. Make questions for the answers provided complrmentar. The President and his wife live in Madrid. Peter and Anns children play complementzr on Saturdays. The film about skiing in New Zealand starts at 8. The second word in the first sentence means kind. The man in the flat downstairs wants to change his job. A ticket for Saturdays concert costs Well, a few of them Mum and Dad dance? Is Aunty Linda there? Only crisps and nuts and some cheese.

My brother speaks to me never 2. Do you finish work at 5 oclock? I go to bed before midnight. The bus isnt late. Complemebtar dont eat fish. What do you have for breakfast? They stay in the same hotel. Does Janet work in the same place? Put the time expressions under the right heading.

French- shes from Belgium. Me, when I can afford it.

Me, can I have some more. Vegetarians are people who Im in Cardiff this week. Actually, thats the radio. This is a great party. We cant use the lift because it Look out of complemebtar window!

Pam starts school at nine o clock. Bob is writing a letter. You like hip hop No, she isnt Reggie is listening to the teacher It is half-past seven. No, I havent got any brothers or sisters Yes, she does. Paula walk to school every morning Our children visit their grandparents twice a week.


Stative verbs or state verbs are verbs which do not describe actions; they describe feelings, thoughts, wishes, the senses and states of being: Stative verbs do not usually have a continuous form: He needs your help.

That coat belongs to me. There are different classifications of stative verbs in grammar reference books. Two examples of such classifications: Ive been wanting one of those computers for ages.

Some stative verbs have continuous forms but there is a difference in meaning: State I think feel he is rich. The kitchen smells of burnt meat. You are seeing things theres nobody at the window. Im weighing myself on my new scales. I’m depending on you to keep your promise. I hope to see you this weekend. There is a little difference: He is looking awful. My feet are aching.

My leg is hurting. If you are not sure about a verb, it will be useful to consult a good English-English dictionary. Underline the correct form.

What is this meaning? Put the verb in the correct form, present continuous or present simple. Julia is very good at languages. She speaks speak lfi languages very well.