When we break free from the habits that limit us, a new world of possibilities opens up. In Let Go, Martine Batchelor leads the way there. Negative patterns of . Let Go by Martine Batchelor – When we break free from the habits that limit us, a new world of possibilities opens up. In Let Go, Martine Batchelor leads the way. Learn how to break some bad habits with author and teacher Martine Batchelor. Meditation can help, unless, of course, your bad habit is to avoid the hard work.

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Martine Batchelor speaks with us about her book, Let Go: Martine was born in France inwas ordained as a Buddhist nun in Korea inand studied Zen Buddhism under the guidance of the late Master Kusan at Songgwang Sa monastery until Her Zen training also took her to nunneries in Taiwan and Japan.

She returned to Europe with her husband, Stephen, in She worked as a lecturer and spiritual counsellor both at Gaia House and elsewhere in Britain.

She was also involved in interfaith dialogue and was a Trustee of the International Sacred Literature Trust until Her latest book is The Spirit of the Buddha. With her husband she co-leads meditation retreats worldwide. By returning to the breath again and again we start to dissolve their power. We develop a space between experience and our lef with it, thereby weakening the process that creates habits in the first place.


The tracks used in this episode are:.

Let Go: A Buddhist Guide to Breaking Free of Habits

Martine Batchelormeditationmindfulness. Interesting points Martine made over lrt versus inclusive meditation, especially considering our lifestyle.

I like what she has to say about grasping versus releasing and creative engagement. Creativity is the key to breaking habits and you gain that not by fighting but by flowing and grounding from your practice.

Thank you for this episode; Thank for asking the pertinant questions Thank you for the gentle mindful dialogue.

Let Go | Book by Martine Batchelor | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

I got so much from this; questions that I had been asking in the past; how I after so many years of practice there was so little change in my negative emotional reactions; especially when the situation martinw challenging. To keep my mind heart open to be able to change the method of meditation according to my daily schedule.

To not get down on myself if I had not been able to sit. The creative way of breaking it down into before sleep, and before maftine getting up.

All her suggestions are certainly something I can practically do. They are both such good value. I tried the what is this?

I had tried the who am I before and it just made the thoughts go round in round in circles for me. I was always so ridgid about the meditation before, only sitting up, only in sacred area, blah blah eactly an hour and yes I can see it had a value creating a self discipline and it established a silent reference point.


Sometimes did not want to do. Glad I have found this website and the different viewpoints on Meditation practice, it has opened it up for me made it richer.

Martine Batchelor

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Let Go: A Buddhist Guide to Breaking Free of Habits by Martine Batchelor

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