An essential resource for learning about general relativity and much more, from four leading experts Important and useful to every student of relativity, this book. Problem Book in Relativity and Gravitation: Free Online! copy of the Problem Book in Relativity and Gravitation by Lightman, Press, Price, and Teukolsky. The book is a bit venerable, dating from , and the typesetting. Title: Problem book in relativity and gravitation. Authors: Lightman, A. P.; Press, W. H.; Price, R. H.; Teukolsky, S. A.. Publication: Problem Book in Relativity and.

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If I were ever to publish a second edition of Spacetime and Geometry — unlikely, but check back in another ten years — one thing I would like to do would be to increase the number of problems at the end of each chapter.

I like the problems that are there, but they certainly could be greater in number. And there is no solutions manual, to the chagrin of numerous professors over the last decade.


A great thing to have for self-study. And now everyone can have it for free! Princeton University Press, the publisher, gave permission to put the book onlinefor which students everywhere should be grateful.

You can still buy it from Amazon. Would be nice if they put a pdf version.

Problem Book in Relativity and Gravitation: Free Online! | Sean Carroll

Reminder inspired by a now-deleted comment: I always wanted to learn or teach myself how to do theoretical physics from reading popular books about it. Then it always pains me to read a lot of the authors mentioning that just the juicy stuff without mathematical details will be involved in the book. I thought I could have had a lot more time better well spent learning some of the actual physics behind it.

It looks like it just spits equations out at you and says to solve them. I have been looking for something more along the lines of derivations and explanations as to how scientist came to them if such a thing happened or exist.


Problem Book in Relativity and Gravitation

If there where other people like me, I think there would gravktation a real market for it. Not really much for the laymen to do anymore, since physics has surpassed and superseded logic itself…. Take a little at A. Plenty of history, anecdotes etc.

I hope in the future, some effort will be put in to make it web friendly, like The Feynman Lectures on Physics [ http: February 11, at What year is this? Can only print out one page at a time.

Or the publisher required it as a condition. Otherwise they are dinosaurs, like presenters who still use overhead transparencies.

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