The LMDW incorporates a aspect ratio, WXGA ( x pixels) LCD panel, and an HDMI interface – in addition to the features offered by the. The LMDW is an entry-level HD monitor that offers the best quality-per-cost balance for entry level applications such as HDV monitoring. The LMD-. Get your SonyLMDW from this Site.. Best Value.

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The LMDW comes equipped with high-purity RGB colour filters, allowing the reproduction of colours with stunning depth and saturation. In addition, 1530q use of precisely manufactured RGB colour filters allows the LMDW to reproduce colours with stunning depth and saturation – creating highly natural images.

The LCD panel used in the LMDW provides a wide viewing angle of degrees, both horizontally and vertically, with minimal reduction in picture contrast. This allows images to be lmmd from various positions and angles. The LMDW can display various area markers, including a centre marker and aspect markers.


The brightness of these markers can be selected from three different levels: Users can also select either lms black or gray matte to fill the outer area of the aspect markers. These flexible marker controls, together with the choice of many different aspect markers, make the LMDW extremely convenient display devices for a variety of shooting scenarios.

Users can select from high, low, or preset colour temperatures.

A variety of gamma modes can also be selected. The aspect ratio can be switched between The LMDW comes equipped with a tally lamp that can be lit via a parallel remote connector. The status of the signal displayed on the monitor can be identified by the tally colour: The LMDW can be controlled remotely via their parallel remote connectors.

Olympus Australia

In the ldm menu, there are 17 functions such as the ability to switch input signalsof which seven can be allocated to the remote connector. The LMDW is equipped with a speaker 0.


The key-inhibit function helps prevent inadvertent operation from the control panel. The LMDW can easily be mounted x mm pitch on a wall or ceiling.

Where smooth migration from the LMD or LMD to HD picture monitoring is desired, the LMDW is an ideal choice in terms of product features, operational usability, installation convenience, as well as 15330w quality. Protected Controls The key-inhibit function helps prevent inadvertent operation from the control panel. The LMDW incorporates a Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras.