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Esta serie nos muestr. Este linaje de guerreros invencibles vive en un planeta que encierra un gran secreto: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about metabaroes problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — La casta de los Metabarones. La casta de los Metabarones.

Hardcover1st edition Mehabarones Bookspages. Published October by Mondadori first published October To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about La casta de los Metabarones. Be the first to ask a question about La casta de los Metabarones. Lists with This Book.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Aug 15, J.

One of the biggest letdowns I’ve ever experienced in a book. After the huge buildup of people continuously talking about this series as the most mindblowing metabaroes all comics, I’m sorely disappointed. I made it to about pageand finally pulled the ripcord. People keep saying “Greek tragedy as science fiction” but I beg to differ. This lacks any of the sophistication of Greek storytelling, even the more metanarones versions Ovid presented. While the science fiction elements are interesting, the behavi One of the biggest letdowns I’ve ever experienced in a book.

While the science fiction elements are interesting, the behavior of the characters is more and more horrifying.

La Casta de Los Metabarones 1: Othon el tatarabuelo

The worst kind of masculinist nonsense–worse, a relatively childish idea of what masculinity means is upheld as the ultimate universal virtue throughout the bulk of these stories. The art is brilliant in spots, but overall lacking in subtlety. Notice that the characters are depicted as either stoically silent or screaming at one another, even when the dialogue in question doesn’t call for a scream. I would love to take some solace in the lovemaking scenes, even, but as they are almost all and I do mean all rapes or incest, they lose a bit of something.

To be honest, the fact that some writers I respect revere this book makes me lose a bit loos respect for them. I’m not trying to score cheap points, but if this is what he would have done to Metabaronex Herbert’s masterpiece, then I’ll take the David Lynch version any day. Avoid this one–go read The Incal, instead.

La Casta de Los Metabarones: Othon el tatarabuelo by Alejandro Jodorowsky (1 star ratings)

Too surrealistic for me, the behaviour of the metabarons has less and less sense with each generation. I only really liked the first ones. I should’ve known better, having seen Jodorowsky’s Dune documentary. It was rather amusing, but it was clear metabxrones Jodorowsky’s mind works in mysterious ways. Heavy substance abuse, perhaps? Eisnein pretty much nails it in his review. I’ll just add this: Quoting fellow GR reviewer Doyle: Link to original image.


Didn’t really grab me the way the Incal did. Rather childish style of story telling. I couldn’t finish it. Gave up about pages into it.

This should have been so much better. The mmetabarones is beautiful and some of the ideas that it starts with ls amazing so why then, did it gradually go right off the boil for me? Some of the larger scenes have so much going on in them that you feel what they need to really appreciate their splendor is a much larger canvass. So the shame of this collection is that by the end the things that I did not enjoy forced such a disconn This should have been so much better.

So the shame of this collection is that by the end the things that I did not mtabarones forced such a disconnection that I went right off the books, I read them, I still enjoyed the art but in the end I found I just didn’t care at all. I became more focused on the negative than the positive.

The tale actually begins well, we have 2 robot characters who are effectively a chorus for most of metabarnoes story, narrating and commenting and giving asides and then the story itself.

La Casta de Los Metabarones 1: Othon el tatarabuelo by Alejandro Jodorowsky (2 star ratings)

The start has some really good concepts, the galactic history is intriguing and the way the metabarons are introduced is great but there seemed to be a loss of focus and so many annoying features that I became overwhelmed and bored by it.

It turned into a self important and self parodying concept album of a read. So I cannot go into all that annoyed me about the series but here are just a few examples: The way one got so excited at the end of each volume just annoyed me. Once is fine but to repeat the trope over and over and over again quickly stops being charming and becomes tiresome. By then end I would have been happy without them, and while I am on the subject of the narrators, in the future who in their right mind designs a robot to wet itself then instills an uncontrolled excitement circuit?

Where was its boredom circuit because it bloody needed it. The fact their relationship never ended and the conversation hardly ever developed killed any enjoyment of them and made one twist underwhelming rather than astounding.

We get that the book it set in the future. We get it because there are robots, space ships and aliens. So there is no need to prefix words all the time the make them sound futuristic, especially when the same prefixes are used over and over and over again. Paleo when old and techno for futuristic among others. A cup of coffee is still a cup of coffee whether you call is space-coffee or not. The era in which you drink the coffee is irrelevant to the nature of the item. I could, right now, be on my space computer, typing a space review having just eaten my space tea.


Did the word space add anything? No it didn’t and to be fair it begins to look lazy. Or space-lazy in this case.

La casta de los Metabarones. Edición integral

I know what about techno-drink? He could have it out of his techno-cup and later go for a techno-wee. I would have been less space-annoyed if they had ketabarones used the word space.

If you are going to have Mmetabarones time shifts in the story to show an epic scale and the passage of time why not actually have things change in them? The passage of time became irrelevant in this tale because whenever the story started again nothing had changed at all.

For most of the incidents in this merabarones 30 seconds would have worked just as well as 30 generations. The impact of the long breaks was quickly diminished. How was it that millions of years passed yet all the characters could think of to bring against the Metabarons was loads of blokes with guns?

Not once did it work yet its all they tried.

Views never changed, the technology did not change and tactics did not change, nothing appeared to change. If you have a cool idea, like for example metabaronnes society where part of the body is replaced with a robot equivalent don’t then run the idea so far to an extreme that it becomes little more than a Monty-pythoesque joke.

It saps the gravitas from the work and again undoes all of the good ideas that were there at the start. I will not go into detail for fear of spoilers but really? Is that really where you wanted to go with this?

This idea was pushed to metbarones point and used over and over again and again once the story finished it had been destroyed. Perhaps the book was too long? I might be being too harsh on it. The art is genuinely beautiful and someone wrote this and it metqbarones a great achievement. Perhaps is is the translation but my disappointment was such that it left a bitter taste in the mouth. Cool art, some nice design. And I mean terrible. Dialogue is beyond weak. One dimensional characters, random plot jumps, no flow.

Sometimes the panels are cluttered and difficult to visually figure out. Complete lack of nuance and depth to characters and story. I was initially drawn to the story after hearing Akala sing its praises which, in hindsight given his leftist politics, surprises me a great deal. There are many fascistic themes in the story from racially motivated massacres of other species to the crushing of all resistance for the sake of colonialism and wealth accumulation.

The female characters are portrayed as unsophisticated, brainless sex objects or evil, conniving witches.