Lwanda Magere has 16 ratings and 1 review: Published August 31st by Heinemann, pages, Paperback. Of all the famous Luo legends, that of Luanda Magere stands out as the most recent and, perhaps, most tangible Among the Kenya Luo ethnic. (Luo/Uganda). Lwanda Magere was a mythic hero. Long ago, there were many battles in Kano between the Nandi/Lango and the Luo. Nandi warriors terrorized .

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Lwanda Magere

Nandi warriors terrorized the Luo, and with each defeat the Luo were further shamed. Dignity was restored only by the emergence of the hero, Lwanda Magere. In one battle after another, this skilled warrior led the Luo to victory against their enemies.

Because of his courage and prowess in war, many women were attracted to him, and he captured some of his wives from mageere enemies. In all, he had twenty-five wives, including Lango and Luo wives.

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For years, he successfully led the Luo against the Nandi and Lango, and the Lango sought ways to overcome him. Lango elders deliberated long, and finally had a solution: But her true mission was to discover the strength of Lwanda Magere’s strength and to report this to her people. Luo elders pleaded with Magere not to accept the wife, but he refused to listen. And soon, she began to ask him the source of his strength.

After much seduction, he could keep his secret no more. He told his wife that his strength in battle was in his shadow; no arrow or spear aimed at his body could harm him, even if it penetrated his shield. To protect lwana shadow, he always chose to fight his battles in the evening or at night.

The Lango wife and spy immediately reported this secret to her people.

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She told them to lure Lwanda Magere to a daylight battle and to aim their spears directly at his shadow. On the day of battle, the Luo elders cautioned him about going to war.


But his pride would not allow him to listen to them. Taking his shield, he led the Luo warriors to war. And the strategy of the Lango worked.

The Luo were defeated, and Lwanda Magere was hit where he was weakest—his shadow was assaulted. He died on the battlefield that day.

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