Jun 27, is now all set to effect sweeping changes in the execution of lyngdoh Committee Recommendation meant for the students’ union elections. Sep 6, Lyngdoh Committee Recommendations are perhaps the most cited phrases in DUSU politics today. To understand its importance and. The situation calls for an urgent discussion on the merits of the Lyngdoh. Committee recommendations. Report in Perspective. The issue of student politics has.

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The aim was to reform the election system to make it more inclusive for students and involve fewer malpractices.

Lyngdoh Committee: The Recommendations Which Have Remained Mere Recommendations

Unfortunately, the guidelines have received brickbats from students and politicians alike, as many clauses are unrealistic and utopian. To escape these restrictive guidelines, parties have identified loopholes, a few such examples being: The maximum permitted expenditure per candidate shall be INR Probably the most flouted clause in the recommendations, parties spend as much as lakhs to print countless pamphlets and hoardings that can be seen across the campus.


All major parties reiterate this reasoning to escape legal action. No candidate shall be permitted to make use of printed posters, printed pamphlets, or any other printed material lyngdohh the purpose of canvassing.

Candidates may only utilize hand-made posters for the purpose of canvassing, provided that such hand-made posters are procured within the expenditure limit set out ccommittee above. To cleverly counter this, parties have been releasing posters that misspell the name of its candidate but allow it to be distinguished back to the party as well.

What could also be a major advantage for political parties is that the LCR are only applicable from the day the nominations are declared. Up until that day, parties can freely distribute pamphlets urging students to join comjittee organisation.

Hindustan Times Vijeata Balani vijeatab dubeat. B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history.

DU Beat Oct 13, Meher Gill Sep 27, DU Beat Sep 26, Your email address will not be published. DU Beat Sep 28, 0. Niharika Dabral Sep 12, Vijeata Balani May 13, Prachi Mehra Mar 11, Vijeata Lynydoh Feb 25, You gave the news for what was posted by pinjratod. Then you must have had a look on its TAG dusu elections Lyngdoh Committee.


Lyngdoh Committee Recommendations

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Chandransh You gave the news for what was posted by pinjratod. Lovish One of the major and saddest truth about societies and DU