PHP Mail_mime::addAttachment – 30 examples found. $attachments) { require_once ”; require_once ‘Mail/’; require_once ‘Mail/mail. php’;. Try this: Saving the PDF file to server (make sure you have writing permissions for that folder!): See more at. PHP send mail/email + attachment script //$mime->addAttachment($file.

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If you log in as john doe and execute the script, it will be john doe. And if you are running script manually, I suggest doing so as user www-data, to avoid screwing up ownership.

Turn addattacmhent error reporting to know for sure I have to, after I call headersexecute this line to fix what it broke: If you want to overwrite them, you need to do this: Do you think that something on this page is wrong? I’m not addattachmentt where I’ve gone wrong here but the file refuses to attach. In a windos runnig xampp it does work but i don’t understand why does he fails in centos??!! Sorry my Ubuntu terminology is poor haha.

I have this script running just perfectly in may windows o. Not sure if they will or not, but I always avoid them.

php – add attachment of pdf in mime smtp – Stack Overflow

While your script is not live, it’s convenient to display errors, but for things in production you want them to be logged instead. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this should work: The script compiles fine. I had problems, when attaching a file to an e-mail: I found out that when you are adding html images inline you need to make sure what kind of transport you use.


If you want to add inline images and reference them in your HTML you must use the fully qualified system path.

Hi, in both case – with and with out attachment, the mail is sent with out sent date and time detail. I use the code adattachment with success: Note This function can not be called statically. The file was not found or the script has not enough rights to access the file.


But again I don’t know if its necessary for me to change group or owner to in order to get the attachment to work. This allows the fifth parameter for the PHP mail function to be included as a parameter to Mail:: So far i’ve only seen Thunderbird support embedded style sheets but i hope more mail clients start to.

Adeattachment the documentation does not say what the potential keywords are for the second argument. I had a problem Since you seem to have access to sudo which lets you run commands as rootyou could try. And you should also check for errors when adding the attachment and possibly elsewhere when using pear classes.


Manual :: generation and sending of a MIME mail

The script still addatachment and I still don’t get any error messages or warnings at the end. Its just lost in forever. In the most cases a programm opens the file for writing. This is how it worked for me: The ownership of the file is still set to ‘john doe’, I did not change it back to ‘www-data’.

Mail_Mime – Example

I don’t see it documented, but there is a second parameter that you have to pass if you want to overwrite the headers. You see, I aedattachment to include a Company name along with the email address so my from string looked like this: When I switched to “smtp” everything worked perfectly. I’m still getting the email but the attachment doesn’t kime to want to work. The operation not permitted means your user doesn’t have privileges to run chown.

This did in fact produce the desired PDF.