Mandingo is a novel written in by Kyle Onstott. The book is set in the s in the antebellum South primarily around Falconhurst, a fictional plantation in. Mandingo by Kyle Onstott starting at $ Mandingo has 6 available editions to buy at Alibris. Results 1 – 30 of Mandingo by Onstott, Kyle and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Blanche has her baby, a girl, Sophy. There has to be more to it, right? Mandingo is the only novel of the Falconhurst series that Onstott wrote, but he edited the next three novels onstotr the series. This baby is Memnon’s, I figures. I ended up reading the whole pile that Mom had as it was fascinating yet sickening at the same time.

Mandingo by Kyle Onstott

Despite his misgivings, he travels to his Cousin Beatrix’s plantation, Crowfoot, and there meets his year-old cousin, Blanche. Mandingo is one of the most controversial novels ever written and that’s why I wanted to read it.

Wilson dnf’d this book, I almost dnf’d it about 8x if not more. When Horner died inFawcett signed prolific author Harry Whittington to continue writing Falconhurst tales under the name of Ashley Carter. Charles and Hammond take Mede to a bar to fight with other slaves.

Bored by their rural life, young white men enjoy sex with their female slaves and wagering on fights between th First published inbefore the civil rights movement had changed much in the USA, Mandingo is a book that takes a harsh and simplistic view of slavery in the ‘s South.


And the hot toddies. Mede is clearly an extremely strong and powerful man. I offered to pay for it but she refused to take my money. I read this years ago and it is a great book. For example, Big Pearl Mede’s sister kandingo down onstltt a “misery” and this rather blah event Sick slave! First it was mature reading beyond my years and second it was a crash course on slavery in America.

Kyle Onstott

Warren Maxwell is the elderly and infirm owner of Falconhurst and he lives there with his year-old son, Hammond. And no, I won’t tell. But I honestly can’t be sure. Enjoyable and graphic read set in the 17th century. Weirdest book I’ve read in a long time or will probably ever read, unless the other Falconhurst books pile on the same feelings of being a willing hostage to the madness.

Scroll down a bit. Slavery is never sugarcoated in Mandingo, slaves are treated like they are subhuman. On their wedding night, Hammond leaves his and Blanche’s room in the middle of the night.

Characters were well-rounded and language raw. Denlinger’s, a ondtott Virginia publisher, released it and it became a national sensation, consumed by the public and derided by the critics. Mandingo is manages to be sexually explicit without having any sex scenes. Picture is of the actual book that you will receive. So Hammond does and she ends up popping out a boy nine months later. But it’s got the value that it will probably shock some people who knew little of the antebellum Southern United States out of their complacency about their nation’s history, and the added bonus that it will lyle apoplectic fits to omstott certain type of person who thinks interracial sex is a sin against Jesus.


I can only liken it to a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

Hammond Maxwell is 18 onztott old and an only child. They grin because they know they’re the topic at hand, but don’t understand the details. A wench was an onsyott for a white man’s use when he should need her, not a goal of his affections, to be commanded and not to be wheedled. This page was last updated: Since he reached puberty he has had his choice of bedmates from the slaves of the plantation.

Same with Blanche’s mother’s deafness and ear horn. Minor events are spun out into anti-climactic nothingness.

Books by Kyle Onstott. Blanche, neglected by a husband who finds more time for his pure-bred Mandingo fighter than for her, turns to drink and eventually to infidelity to ease her loneliness.

Ryan echoes this statement, writing, “Kyle Onstott’s sensationalist Mandingo turns the myth of Tara on its head with unashamed vulgarity. Drum Kyle Jyle – ID: